How B.Des Admission is Your Gateway to the World of Design

B.Des, an elision for Bachelor of Design, is an undergraduate program that deals with the study of designing of a part or whole structure of a configuration, shape, etc. This program offers glamour, fame, designing skills among the students. On the other hand, it also makes them future-ready professional having a technical outlook with an optimum sense of dynamic world of design for the fashion industry. B.Des admission can be picked by those students who have good taste of designing and are innovative and creative for the field of Design. The B.Des program is all about building the designer perspective with the help of variant designs. Thus, those who are passionate about working on artistic stuff and good communication and management skills can look forward to prefer this course.

Top specializations after B.Des admission are mentioned below:

  • Interior Designing – The course of Interior Designing deals with the study of the elements of designing an inner space that include a room, building, and sometimes exteriors as well.
  • Fashion Designing – The field of Fashion Designing gives the students the opportunity to the glamour world. This field focuses on designing or making beautiful and unique attire. Apart, it helps the students to gain the knowledge of garments designing and technology as well
  • Multimedia Designing – An art of integrating multiple forms of media that can be used in video games, websites, information kiosk etc. After the completion of Multimedia Designing, one can opt their career in Hollywood Production Companies, the growing number of industries, Advertising Agencies etc.
  • Graphic Designing – Graphic Designing is an art to produce visual communication and problem-solving with the help of photography, typography, and illustration. Moreover, the course of graphic designing offers a job in the newspaper, books publishing, news channels, advertising, public relations, printing, and other related support. However, Graphic Designers work in studios wherein they have now the usage of software, computers etc. to create their designs.
  • Industrial Designing – Industrial Designing focuses on developing the concepts for the products that have already been manufactured such as home appliances, cars, toy, etc. For an industrial designer, the work environments include manufacturing, specialized design services, wholesale, self-employed workers, architectural, engineering, and related services.
  • Accessory Designing – Accessory Designing is a creative course that deals with the designing and creation of accessories which are functional, aesthetics or both. Post completion of this course, the job profiles which are offered to such graduates are Leather Goods, product merchandiser and manager, freelancer consultant, Gift Designer, Accessory Designer, and Exhibition Designer.
  • Jewellery Designing – an art or profession of creating and designing the jewellery is known as jewellery designing. While pursuing this course, candidates are taught with the special skills such as metal coloring, electroplating, stone setting, enameling etc.
  • Textile Designing – textile designing aim at learning of textile, prints, waves, embroidery design, styles, and most importantly texture. Further, textile design constitutes of both structural and fabric design.
  • Game Designing – Game Designing is a craft of applying design and principle to create a game for entertainment, experimental purposes, or educational exercises.
  • Leather Designing – Leather designing program integrates the design concepts with material knowledge and focuses on developing a holistic professional. A leather designing graduate has employement opportunities in the field of fashion business as Range Developers, Production Managers, Merchandisers, Buyers, Entrepreneurs, etc.

B.Des Admission – Scope of Designing

As it is already mentioned above that the designing field has numerous branches which are interior designing, fashion designing, product designing, graphics designing, jewellery designing etc. Students after doing with any of the above –mentioned course opens the gateway to the top-notch and reputed industries or companies as an industrial designer, fashion designer, product manager etc. Apart from this, it endows opportunities in the industries of fine arts that involve jobs as creative directors, illustrators, animators etc. Also, excluding the regular job, one could even work as a freelancer on weekends. Now, to take B.Des admission, students have to appear in the entrance test of NIFT, NID, CEPT, etc. but besides, these institutions, students can also go for JK Lakshmipat University that offers B.Des admission to the aspirants who have completed 10+2 from any recognized board across the country. B.Des at JKLU is an undergraduate program of 4-year time duration with specializations in Product Design, Interdisciplinary design, and Interaction Design. During the designing curriculum at JKLU, students will have a comprehensive understanding of advanced technologies which are loT, AI, Automation that plays a vital role in transforming the nature of Design. Also, pursuing students will grow a deep sense of design’s role in building society and understanding the cultures and their influence on design effectiveness.

Furthermore, a passed-out B.Des graduate from JK Lakshmipat University would become a better entrepreneur and professionals that can thrive them work in a variety of environment in any sector across the country since JKLU is among top B. Des College in Jaipur. Therefore, those who have completed their intermediate (10+2) and willing to make their career in the world of design must apply for JK Lakshmipat University on a priority basis and at last, go through the info provided here for the betterment of the aspirants.