Getting A Trademark Registered And The Importance Of Trademarks

Trademarks are what is used to identify the products of a source. They are very important as they not only help the customers in identifying that a product is made by a company but they also help the company in keeping its right on its product.

What Are Trademarks

Trademarks are unique designs, signs, or marks that are u  sed for identifying the products from a particular source. A company’s trademark is its identity for the people and itself. Companies normally put its trademarks on its product so that the customers can identify that a product is a genuine product of the company. This also allows companies to have rights on their products and if anyone tries to copy it then they can claim their rights and sue the person who tries to copy from them.

The Process Of Trademark Registration

The process of trademark registration is divided into various steps.

  • Step 1:- The first step for registering a trademark is to run a search on the intellectual property website. A search should be run to check if the trademark that you wish to use is available or not. If that trademark is not already taken by anyone then you can move further in the process otherwise you would have to change your trademark design so that it does not match with anyone.
  • Step 2:- Once you are sure that you have a unique trademark design then you can get a trademark attorney to fill in the application form. You have to get the application formed fill with all the necessary details with the sign of the applicant.
  • Step 3:- After the second step is completed, the application should be filed. There would be a certain cost for the registry that must be paid by you. The lawyer would also charge you with some money. The cost charged by the Government depends entirely on the type of enterprise that the trademark is for.
  • Step 4:- After all the above steps are completed, the application would get approved by the Government. However, the status of the application should be constantly checked by the applicant so that he can know in case any objections are raised regarding the application. If any objections arise they should be cleared at the earliest.

Reasons For The Importance Of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is really important as it is what acts as an identification for a company’s products or goods. So it is necessary for each and every company to get a registered trademark so that they can have an identity for their products. This proves to be beneficial for their sales as when the customers recognize a company’s mark on a product they tend to choose it over other products.

Trademarks are not only beneficial for customers but they are most beneficial for companies. Trademarks give an identity to companies and they also give them the power to stop others from copying their products. All these things are great for any company as they can help it a lot in the long run.

Trademarks are also helpful in making your business get recognition on the internet or on social media. You can think it like this way, whenever a person or a group of people are interested in your product or services, they enter the trademark of your business in the search engine. The higher the traffic on your website the more recognition your business will get. It will directly help in increasing the trust among your customers and will also help in increasing your profits.

Trademarks are also an asset for companies or businesses. If your brand reputation grows the value of your trademark will also grow. You can use it for your advantage by expanding your business under that trademark. Trademarks are assets like real estate and if you want you can buy it, sell it, or lease it according to your will. The trademark which you will register also never expires. Some of the trademarks of popular brands were registered 100s of years ago and they are still being used. With the passing of time those trademarks have become the face of their companies and now they are worth millions.    

The process of Trademark Registration is quite easy and simple. The process becomes even simpler if the person chooses the right attorney for the process as he would help you be guiding you through the process if you get any confusion or problems.

Trademark Registration is important for each and every company and that is why the Government has kept the process simple for trademark registration so simple that anyone can get their trademark registered if they have the necessary documents. And with a registered trademark your company or business will look more trustworthy.