Find Top 4 Reasons to Prefer FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Are you suffering from hair loss, and are you looking for an effective hair loss treatment? Read this post to understand why FUE hair transplant is the preferable treatment at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

Our hair is special because it makes us unique. As much as it comes in different types, textures, and lengths, hair helps define who we are. While some of us like to keep it short, others prefer having their hair long. Unfortunately, not all of us can grow hair. Some grow hair but not full and thick; it is sparsely spread on the scalp. If you are suffering from hair damage, then you should know that there are various hair restoration techniques to help you grow full and thick hair. One of these methods is called the FUE hair transplant procedure. 

In this article, we will discuss the FUE hair transplant technique to help you understand why it is the best-preferred hair loss treatment. If you are suffering from hair loss, you will know why many doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration and patients are going for the FUE hair transplant procedure. Read along for greater understanding. 

FUE Hair Transplant

What is the FUE Hair Transplant Procedure? 

To help you better understand what the FUE hair transplant is, we will compare between FUE and FUT approaches. The FUE method of hair transplant is a scalpel-free surgery where a punch device is used to extract hair follicles individually from the donor area. The device is also used to make holes in the scalp’s recipient end where hair will be transferred.

FUT or FUSS – follicular unit strip surgery is an older hair transplant technique. In this method, the surgeon harvests hair grafts using a scalpel by cutting out a strip or piece of scalp skin from the donor area. The hair grafts are then divided into follicular units and transferred to the area that is experiencing hair thinning. 

The FUT approach of hair transplant is more invasive, and the patient will take much longer to recover from the surgery. Let’s now look at how the FUE hair transplant procedure is done. 

How Doctors Perform the FUE hair Transplant 

For over 50 years now, doctors have used the hair transplant technique to treat hair loss. Although the concept has always remained the same, what has changed is how it is administered. The latest hair transplant technique being follicular unit extraction. The older methods’ setback is what drove doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration to develop this advanced hair loss treatment

To avoid cutting out and removing a larger skin strip, the surgeon performing this procedure will remove each hair follicle individually. This is done using a punch device that cuts around each follicle. The procedure may take longer to perform than the strip surgery approach, but it doesn’t leave a linear scar in the scalp’s donor area. The hair grafts are then transferred to the recipient area, where holes have been made to implant hair follicles. 

A more actual appearance is accomplished by placing the grafts at a given angle to match the patient’s hair flow. After some time, the hair grafts will take and will start growing just like the original hair. 

Reasons Why the FUE Hair Transplant is Preferred Over Other Hair Loss Treatments 

The FUE approach of hair restoration was developed to eliminate the unnecessary hassle that came with the older methods of hair restoration. The procedure targets the specific needs of the patient. Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer the FUE approach over other treatments. 

1. Minimally Invasive 

Compared to the earlier FUT procedure, the FUE approach is less invasive. This technique of hair restoration does not leave any noticeable scars on the donor area of the scalp. Patients can opt for the FUE hair transplant procedure immediately when they start losing their hair. 

2. Works for Shorter Hairstyles 

This is not to say that it doesn’t work for longer hair. Since it doesn’t leave a linear scar like the FUT technique, those who want to keep their hair short don’t have to worry about a noticeable scar. 

3. Eligible for the Majority of Hair Loss Patients 

Compared to the FUT method, where very few patients are eligible for the procedure, the FUE hair transplant procedure works for almost anyone suffering from hair loss. 

4. Many Hair Grafts can be Transplanted. 

With the FUE hair transplant procedure, the doctor can transplant many hair grafts in one session compared to the FUT method of hair restoration. On average, a surgeon can transplant over 5000 hair grafts. To make the procedure much faster, two doctors can perform the FUE hair transplant procedure in one session. 


When you put all these benefits into consideration, it is obvious that the FUE hair transplant procedure is the best, which is why many people prefer it. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration treatment aims to bring out that natural look that doesn’t look obvious. If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment, then look for a reliable clinic like Beverly Hills Hair Restoration located in Los Angeles.