Water plays a pivotal role in the daily life of the common man. Either he lives in a high rise flat or in the ground, Work in a factory or an office. Clean water is the fundamental right of every human being. When we look behind the human history, early civilizations they start residing in the areas near freshwater supplies mostly near rivers and springs.

Increasing population pushed human being far from the major sources of fresh water but still near then the water like seashores. Initially, they start living near sea shores for fishing and pearl diving but gradually they start establishing their civilization on the shores of seas and in the present world. All the megacities reside along with shores like Mumbai, Mexico, Karachi, New York and ultimately DUBAI.

The extraction of fundamental need “water” is still a problem but in this modern world, we cracked the procedure to make drinkable water from ocean known as Desalination process. In this process, the water from the ocean pumped to huge boilers and convert them into vapors and condensed back into water now this water is able to drink.

In Dubai, this process is used widely to convert 470 MIGD water. This huge amount of water is transported to each and every point of Dubai via the huge Delivery system.

But from that extraction points, it’s the responsibility of the consumer to take care of it. Obviously, every person is not able to do that so here you need Plumbing Services Dubai.   

Common Plumbing Issues and their Checks

Running Toilet

The toilet is one of the integral and most used parts in the washroom. The flushing system of these toilets bears a high user rate as compared to any other system in the bathroom. It works on the simple rule of pulley and sealing mechanism. After many hits, the sealing system fails to seal the dripping water inside the toilet.

This problem is common but causes a very high impact as it wastes a huge amount of water and in Dubai water is not free of cost, it charges. Moreover, the running water voice disturbs you and psychologically you are housed by the thoughts of dripping water as dripping money in the pot.

If you face such kind of problem you need help from plumbing service Dubai, A 24/7 service present at your doorstep in a few minutes.

Driping taps:

Tap is the equipment from which you extract the clean water for your use. In many cases, you close the tap very tightly by which the sealing mechanism of taps fails and start running water drop by drop which impacts highly like a hammer on your head. To stop this dripping you mostly apply more power to turn it off but it impacts badly on your taping system. And the remaining tendency of your tap to seal the water become nil and ultimately you need to replace the tap.

This small problem is easily resolved only if you close your tap softly instead of tightly and in initial stages, your tap is repaired by the professional plumbing servicemen. By just replacing a sealing washer inside your tap mechanism.

Drain blockage

The drainage system of any place is one of the key areas where the cleanliness of the place is ensured. In common household, the drainage consists of underground pipelines by which the whole drain water passes out of the place but sometimes the drain system fails to do so. 

Cause of this is the blockage, But how a normal drainage blocks? If we talk about the causes some of them are very obvious and very common. First of all, it’s about solid waste like human hair, paper or rapper because they are not able to dissolve in the water they cause a blockage. Secondly, it is the fat content normally we use oil in cooking although it is in liquid form it has a tendency to concentrate and stick the walls of the drain pipe which narrows the water passage and slowly they completely block the drainage.