How to Fix Furniture Dents in Your Carpet?

Fix Furniture Dents in Your Carpet

The age-old problem isn’t it? The dents of the furniture legs can be a real headache. Although such dents on tiled floors or hardwood floors can be worse to deal with than when they are on a carpet. But for those without experience in dealing with this issue, we are here with some tips.

When the furniture is heavy (which is most of the time) it leaves dents on the carpet. If there is a lot of sunlight exposure, you might even notice the fading color of your carpet. In this case, you need to invest in good curtains or find other ways to moderate the direct sunlight exposure.

Now let’s discuss how to deal with the furniture dents on your carpet, also keep in mind that you just have to remove the dent and not damage the carpet accidentally so always be extra careful.

Move the furniture often: 

This is about avoiding the problem rather than having to fix it. The dents of furniture are made on your carpet when the furniture hasn’t been moved in a long time. For this, one solution is to keep moving the furniture often. That will prevent the furniture from leaving stubborn deep dents. And a few dents will bounce back into the normal carpet surface really easily. 

Make the feet bigger:

The next option is to increase the surface area of the furniture, the surface that is in contact with the furniture and bears the weight of the furniture. More area means better weight distribution and that makes the dents shallow and easy to deal with. Although this might not always be possible, if the feet are not so visible, you can add a board or something with more surface area to avoid the dents.


This is the solution when the dent has been made a long time ago and has become relatively deep and stubborn. Once you have moved the furniture, take out an ice cube from the refrigerator and put it exactly on the dent. Once the cube has melted, soak up the water with a towel and then fluff the carpet using a spoon or such. Make sure to soak the water well and don’t let it be left behind even a little bit. And while fluffing the carpet, be gentle.


If the ice cube doesn’t work, the next option is to heat. Use an iron for this one. Put a towel on the dented surface and iron it and then blow dry it. Once the fibers are loosened up, take a spoon and fluff it just like with an ice cube. With this solution, make sure to keep the temperature of iron moderate and use the nosal of the blow dryer at a safe distance to avoid any damage to the carpet.

Last but not least, taking care of your carpet is not only about removing dent marks safely. You have to get professional carpet cleaning to make sure that your carpet lasts long and stays hygienic and safe for you. Professional carpet cleaning experts suggest that you should get professional cleaning services every 6 to 12 months depending on the foot traffic that your carpet faces.

A dirty carpet looks bad, gives a bad impression to your guests and it is also a health hazard as it could cause various health issues such as respiratory infections, allergies, asthma attacks, dust mite allergies, etc. And you may think that dented carpet isn’t so bad, but you will be wrong. First of all, the dent marks on the carpet look bad. Next, if you don’t treat the dent marks, those marks could become a convenient place for dirt deposition in extra amounts!

And that is not safe at all. In addition, furniture dent marks suggest that either you are clumsy and lack the skills to organize well or you are just bad at handling your furniture. Nobody would want to give either impression hence you should always treat the dent marks on your carpet as soon as possible and try to avoid letting them get deep in the first place. Dent marks ruin the entire look of the carpet because they make your carpet asymmetrical and uneven.