Advantages and Disadvantages of Using WordPress as Open Source Framework

Using WordPress as Open Source Framework

Among various open source website designing platforms, WordPress is always known for its effectiveness and usefulness. This website development platform comes with many exciting ranges of features as well as services. There are certain advantages of using WordPress over other open source frameworks.

At the same time, certain disadvantages are there too. In the following section, those advantages along with the shortcomings will be discussed. For effective open source website designing, keeping these things in mind will eventually help you to attain perfect WordPress based websites.

At first, we shall analyze the advantages and then we shall discuss the shortcomings. Knowing both these things is essential, especially when you are thinking about creating your own business website.

A professional site has always been developed upon open source platforms these days so that it can remain flawless as well as effective in terms of performance. Nevertheless, business owners use the website for direct business dealings or transactions purposes. All these things are required to be accurate and secured. Only, in that case, a business website would be functionally impressive as well as effective.

Advantages of Using WordPress as Open Source Framework

Using WordPress as open source framework is highly beneficial. Small-scale business owners often prefer it for its affordability and seamlessness. Not just business websites, WordPress can be used to create personal blogs or portfolio websites. It is simple to be used and always convenient as users do not need to have programming or coding knowledge at all for customization of WordPress based web pages.

1. Cost-effectiveness of WordPress

WordPress has been recognized as highly cost-effective. It can be used for the purpose of creating seamless websites that can be used for the business purposes. Typically, WordPress based sites have been furnished with a brilliant visual theme. Now, themes can be divided into two categories. The first type is known as free themes, and the other type has been called as paid themes. Using the free themes is always beneficial as they do not involve any expenses whatsoever. However, paid themes are unique as well as attention-grabbing. Nevertheless, the amount that has been charged by paid theme is quite affordable.

WordPress is also cost-effective as it involves limited developmental charges. Website owners do not have to make high expenses for the development of WordPress based websites. They just have to think a few aspects carefully. The most important thing is to find a professional developer who has experience in this job. If your developer is not experienced, he cannot deliver the output that you are anticipating. Hiring good developer is a matter of high expenses, though apart from that WordPress users do not have to deal with any other high expenses.

2. Plenty of Themes and Widgets

There is no dearth of themes and widgets with WordPress. Literally, users shall come across hundreds of themes which can be used for developing websites belong to different business domains. A good theme is essential for the purpose of effective website development. Not having good themes is always daunting. Many website owners build a basic website, and they cannot focus on the theme correctly. If the site does not feature the right theme, it will not score well in terms of branding as well as designing.

Thankfully, WordPress comes with a lot of premium themes. Each theme has been recognized as unique. If you do not want to use paid themes, you always have the freedom to choose the free themes from the theme library. Similar to themes, you shall find many widgets. Some of them are completely free, and some of those widgets are paid. They are basically added to add special features or functions to a website. For example, widgets can be used for adding up social media buttons or icons on the website.

3. Highly User-friendly

User-friendliness is one of the biggest aspects of WordPress. You should be able to find user-friendly website developing platform or framework for website development. From this aspect, WordPress is truly exceptional. It is more user-friendly than any other open source framework. The best thing is that you need limited technical knowledge for website customization and development purposes.Even a layman can deal with this web development platform.

It is simple to be used and it is always effective in terms of functional aspects. Adding pages, contents and performing other tasks are always simpler experience with WordPress. Nevertheless, editing or updating contents is also simplistic. The whole website can be customized with making alternations to the theme of the website.

4. Suitable for Personal Blogging Sites

WordPress has been noted to be highly suitable for developing personal blogging websites. Blogging websites are mostly developed with WordPress open source framework. The reason behind that is nothing but simplicity of using this open source framework for website development. Blogging websites should come with some important features and options. Analyzing these options or features will make your website effective in terms of performance.

Disadvantages of Using WordPress

Using WordPress has some disadvantages too. Knowing these drawbacks is also crucial so that you can make a better decision on building your business website based on this open source framework.

1. Free Themes Are Not Good

Though WordPress offers wide ranges of free themes, they are regarded as not up to the mark. They are not at all good in developing professional websites. For creating blogging websites or personal portfolio websites, using free themes is recommended. Paid themes are good, but not all of them are highly professional.

2. Suitable to Amateur

Suitability of WordPress is found among the amateurs. For developing basic business websites, this framework can be used. To develop advanced and critical or complex e-commerce stores, this is not the right framework to be used.

3. Missing E-commerce Features

By default, major e-commerce features will be found missing with WordPress. However, they can be added through widgets. Still, it does not make the website well balanced as well as professional.

As a result, it is beneficial for your business to have a open source website designing platform