Everything You Need To Know About Professional Engineer Services

Engineer Services

Professional Engineer Services is an umbrella term based on the services that it brackets underneath. This includes the models of engineering principles and their stated applications.

The data utilized for designing, constructing to production as well as operation all come under. Even any kind of activity related to maintenance. 

Guidelines for a Professional Engineer

The professional engineers or PE’s must be licensed, which is mandatory to become one. They should also showcase continuous demonstration of their levels of competency by fulfilling higher education and improvising their skills.

The engineers who are licensed only have the power vested on them to sign & get into dealings. They are entitled to propose engineering plans & drawings for further approval from the stated authority.

How do Professional Engineers get their License?

An applicant’s PE submission to acquire licensing status requires filling out the application form and a prescribed fee that one can submit online.

The hard copies of the form need to be submitted in person. The application should be backed by testimonials from seniors or equals stating character & conduct. 

The application should also contain employer verified engineering experiences that are duly stamped.

Building Permit Renewals

Temporary buildings are often short-lived. This is owing to the usage of raw materials to the specificity in buildings commissioned to last not more than a few months or maximum up to a period of 3years.

The signages that are displayed outdoor for advertisements and supporting structures all come underneath temporary buildings. 

This is the reason that seeks applications for renewing building permits. BCA Temporary Building Permit renewal constitutes a two-step process which includes a Preliminary Approval followed by a “PTU” or a Permit To Use.

Preliminary approval mandates the submission of building plans along with the permit application. In comparison, the PTU is granted after the construction of a building.

Signage Licenses

There are multiple signage licenses from signboards to advertisements, animated billboards to directional sign licenses, freestanding, skysign, and balloon sign licenses. Every registered business gets a one-time exemption of 5 meters square.

After the declaration form has been submitted, the online consultation process has been through the “Advertisement Licensing System.”

The directional signs to banners are all classifies a 1-meter square length. BCA signage license application has a minimum period lasting a month that is chargeable for a fee of twenty dollars. 


The PE’s shoulder added responsibilities right after accruing licenses, thereby ensuring public safety standards. This entails processes involving quality assurance and conforms to each federal/governmental / state agency’s protocols.