Essential Points of Fashion Design Careers

Fashion designing is one of the most appealing career choices for the youngsters. With this career, aspirants can get the direct entry in the glamour world. In today’s world this lucrative and exciting career option is in high demand and students are ready to become a fashion designer as soon as possible. Students can get the help of any reliable and best fashion designing institute of India like JD Institute of Fashion Technology.

Fashion design is an art that needs good penchant for creativity and styling. It includes designing of clothes and accessories. To establish and sustain in this industry, you must have creative and managerial skills. So if you are able to create magic with colors and designs then get a professional course from any fashion designing institute and start your career in this alluring fashion designing industry.

Qualifications Needed to Start Fashion Design Career:

There are two types of qualifications required to start a career as a fashion designer: 

  • Natural: If you have a good eye towards fabrics, colors and designs then it will be a big plus for you to build a career in fashion designing. Under the natural skills, you must have decent aesthetic sense, color expertise, and good sense of trends and fashion.
  • Acquired: These skills need qualification from a best fashion Institute of India. There are so many choices, including full-time courses and part time courses. You can also apply for the certificate courses as well. It is always advised to take bachelor degree in fashion designing. But if you can’t take bachelor degree, then you must opt for any short-term certificate course. These courses will help you to improve your technical and creative skills.

Is It the Right Career for Me?


Fashion world is loaded with glitz and glamour. Getting good reputation in this booming industry and a successful career as a fashion designer is really like a pot of gold. That’s why, young people are attracting in this fashion industry. A career in fashion designing is right, if you are creative to play with colors, designs and shades. You must effectively express your ideas through sketches. To become a labeled fashion designer, you must possess the ability to give amazing look to the people by providing stylish outfits. You must visualize new designs, patterns and accessories. Last but not the least; if you relish working with fabrics and accessories then yes, it is a right career for you.


What will Be the Course Fee?

Well, the fee structure depends on the reputation of the institute so it varies from institution to institution. Generally, an average you will have to pay around Rs. 50,000 per annum to 3,00,000 for a course in Fashion Designing.

Is there any Scholarship or Any other Funding?

Some fashion institutes provide scholarships on the basis of merit.  These scholarships usually allowed to the meritorious students who meets the prescribed standards of achievement. Moreover, the criteria of these scholarship programs are based on the parental annual income of the students. Students who won the scholarship can also get educational loan facility to cover other expenses.

What is the Job Prospect?

Fashion industry offers plenty of opportunities to the deserving peoples. If you are talented and have the ability to showcase your skills then you are all set to step into the exciting arena of fashion designing. In job prospect, fashion design graduates have good career because of the ongoing demand of the designer wear. After completing the course, you will be mastered in the step-by-step process garment making. You can be self-employed or join any boutique, textile mills, garment store chain or many other places.

What will be the Package?

In the beginning of the fashion designing career, you will get around Rs.15,000 per month. After getting experience, your salary can be Rs.40,000 per month. With the experience your designing skills will also be improved and hence you will get lot of scope and high package as well in this career. Once you become a reputed designer then you will be on high demand. Hard work and good knowledge of latest market trends are imperative to stay long in this industry.

Pluses of the Fashion Designing Career:

  • The scope of fashion design is really very wide so there are lots of opportunities for the beginners as well.
  • There are many glamorous aspects of this industry; you may get in touch with many rich and famous people.

Minuses of the Fashion Designing Career:

  • Lot of experience is needed to get good name and fame. In the initial phase, you need to work as assistant for any reputed fashion designer.
  • If you want to start your career individually and want to set up your own studio then you will need lot of money or need to search for investors.
  • Without having any experience, it is hard to build trust.

Tips for Getting Hired in Top Companies

If you want to get hired by any good and reputed fashion designing company then follow these tips:


  1. Your portfolio showcases your creative talent so build your portfolio with amazing designs.
  2. Internship or training under the well-known fashion designer will help you to get hired by the top companies.
  3. Thorough research and having a good eye towards market trends will impact positively.
  4. Freelancing experience for fashion houses and boutiques will be a big plus.
  5. You must be creative, innovative and stylish as well.
  6. Don’t be impatient and impulsive as this industry needs lots of patience.
  7. Rejection is a part and parcel of this industry so be prepared for it and understand your drawback and work on it.

Indian fashion designers are doing very well in almost all countries so the scope has broadened for the students who want to build fashion design career. If you are a talented enough and have the will to create amazing designs then you will surely get good fame, success, glamour and high packages.


If you want to get success in fashion design industry or want to build fashion design careers, then it is important to obtain a professional degree in fashion designing from the renowned fashion designing institutes of India. JD Institute of Fashion Designing offers so many fashion designing courses and provides training as well to the potential fashion designers to enhance their creative skills.

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