4 E-Commerce Writing Skills You Need to Know

E-Commerce Writing Skills

E-commerce writing includes creating any text or written content for an e-commerce website or online store. This includes headlines, product descriptions, category pages, landing pages and promotional content. E-commerce writing is done to increase sales and to provide the necessary information to the customers. 

One can find a variety of tips and advice on e-commerce writing. For instance, many digital marketers advise keeping your landing pages short. Some advice about mentioning all the details on your landing pages. In this post, I am sharing four e-commerce writing skills that are much better than any random advice that you will get on the internet and will help you increase your sales at a fast rate. So, let’s get started. 

#1 Connect your writing with your brand’s voice 

The product descriptions that you write or the landing pages that you create must resonate with the voice of your brand. This is because it is the voice of your brand that would convince people to buy your products. To identify the voice of your brand, review your mission statement and analyse how you generally communicate with your customers. Your brand voice might depict confidence, humour, expertise, weirdness, smartness and any other characteristics. 

All you need to do is make sure you remain consistent with those characteristics while writing your content. Whether you are writing an email or creating a marketing copy, you must follow your brand’s voice. 

#2 Unleash the power of writing 

The third writing tip that I would like to share with you is to understand how powerful your words can be and use this knowledge to attract customers. Certain words are more persuasive than others and can get people attracted to your products. For instance, Consider these two phrases -“a high-quality hair mask” and “a revolutionary hair mask”. Both these phrases signify that your product is of great quality but its impact changes as soon as you add the word “revolutionary”. The customer would want to know what is so special about this revolutionary hair mask. 

Similarly, you can use words like powerful, amazing, magic, miracle, introducing etc to add weight to your writing. You can use different font types or formatting styles to highlight these words and grab the attention of your audience. 

#3 Be specific in your writing 

By being specific I mean that your writing should be clear, concise and to the point. If you are writing an email about an upcoming sale business assignment help in your store, your email should not include any other information. Do not confuse the readers by talking about two separate issues together. Similarly, when you are writing a product description, instead of writing that is of unmatched quality, you can mention the material that it is made up of which increases its quality. Another example could be to specify exactly what a product is, instead of writing stories about it. 

Think outside the box and stop using generic phrases like every other e-commerce site. Instead, throw in some facts, add some statistics, show the real picture and you will be able to attract customers even better. 

#4 Use storytelling wisely 

Storytelling has been popular amongst writers and digital marketers for quite some time. It is a powerful tool that can help you a lot in increasing your sales. It also helps the audience form a connection with your brand. For example, a cruelty-free makeup brand might share their story of why they thought of creating makeup products and accessories that do not harm animals. The audience would immediately connect with their story as it would trigger the emotions of kindness and empathy amongst them. 

Storytelling can help increase the trust between your audience and your business. They might start believing in your brand and would use it more often. Another factor of storytelling that you can use in e-commerce writing is sharing the stories of your customers. Share how using your products have changed their lives and influence many other potential customers. 

Wrapping up 

No matter how great or ‘out of the world’ your products might be. But, if they lack an eye-catching, easy to understand yet powerful description, they might never get discovered by your audience. You need to formulate a voice for your brand and use that while communicating with your audience. You must be specific while writing marketing copies, headlines, or product descriptions. Choose your words wisely. Last, but not least, entwine your audience with the power of storytelling. These four e-commerce writing skills will help you unleash your sales and reach all your business goals in no time.