8 Must Have E-commerce Mobile App Development Features

The E-commerce industry is growing like never before. Today, people can buy anything online. It may be from clothing and accessories to food and electronics. Every e-commerce business want to stay at the top and succeed in this online world. Be it the popular leading brands or startup companies.

Websites are great for getting a good audience base. Starting your e-commerce business, mobile apps deliver much better results. They are portable, convenient, and come with exclusive features.

Moreover, more than 50% of e-commerce transactions take place on mobiles. This is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

This is why app development can turn out to be a profitable investment for your e-commerce businesses. However, app-building requires careful planning and thoughtful considerations.

If you plan to launch an application, it’s essential that it has all the e-commerce app development features to deliver an excellent user experience.

E-commerce Mobile App Development

List of E-commerce Mobile App Development Features

Let’s have a look at the eight must-have e-commerce app development features that we have put together for you:

1. Easy Register and Login

Who enjoys a lengthy registration process, especially on mobile. When developing an e-commerce app, you need to make sure that your customers’ sign-up process is as easy as possible. Moreover, if users already have an account, the login process should be equally simple and easy. You can make this happen by offering sign-ups and logins through social media accounts, email addresses, or simply through OTPs. Your app should also offer to save the login information to ensure that users have a seamless experience returning to your application. 

2. Hassle-free Checkout Process

Users hate when they have to go through multiple steps and pages to complete the checkout process. It is even more annoying when they are running short of time. You can get a custom e-commerce app developed that securely saves card and wallet details for faster processing and a hassle-free checkout experience.

3. Easy App Navigation

E-commerce means a lot of products being sold online. Since mobiles have limited screen space, you need to make sure that these products and their details do not appear jammed up on the user’s device. Thus your e-commerce application should have a simple design and a  clean layout that delivers seamless navigation. The best way to achieve this is through a responsive app design that automatically fits any screen size and resolution and provides an immersive experience.

4. Customer Wishlist

A wishlist is a must-have element and an extremely popular feature of e-commerce applications. Sometimes users wish to buy a few products later, and they abandon shopping when they are unable to find them after returning to the app later. With a wishlist, users can save the products that they wish to buy later and can access them from their account anytime.

5. App Loading Speed

According to Google research, about 40% of users leave a page if its loading time is more than 4 seconds. Users are more likely to stay and use your app if it is fast and responsive. Thus make sure that when you develop an e-commerce application, all the data is speed optimized to give a fantastic experience to the users.

6. Advanced Filter Functionality 

E-commerce businesses usually have a huge catalog of products, and users look for ways to easily navigate the application to find what they look for. One of the most helpful e-commerce app development features is the filter functionality that allows users to narrow down their search by selecting attributes of their choice. 

7. Personalized Push Notifications

Push notification is one of the essential features to track the success of an e-commerce mobile app. You can increase user engagement by sending automated push notifications for promotions, new offers, and discounts and persuade users to resume shopping.

8. Order Status and Tracking 

As soon as users finish shopping from your application, the very next thing they are curious about is the status of their order. Ensure that your e-commerce mobile app has an order tracking feature that notifies the users when the product ships, where it has reached, and the expected delivery date. This ensures transparency and gives the user a reason to trust your brand.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best e-commerce app features, make sure that they align with your business objectives. Set your goals and decide what you want to achieve from the application and which features will help you fulfill that with ease. A good native mobile app builder comes with all these features, making e-commerce application development much more manageable and achieving your target much more easy. 

Always remember– an e-commerce mobile app can do wonders for your business if it makes the customer happy and satisfied.