Major Difference Between Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss is a widespread problem damaging around 70% of men, with about 40% of women diagnosing from pattern baldness at some stage in their lives. There are several types of hair loss that damage both genders. Using androgenic alopecia is the most useful one.

Also called male pattern baldness as affecting female pattern baldness if affecting women. Androgenic alopecia is a result brought by a mix of genes with hormones Dihydrotestosterone. Men are normally more predisposed to the conversion of testosterone in DHT that are more prone to baldness. DHT causes androgenic miniaturization of hair follicles, but the follicles shrink when they lose their potential to grow new hair. Please read below.

Male Pattern Baldness – An Insight

They depend on the specialists who relate with the leading FUE hair transplant clinic. Even males under the age of 20 even witness male pattern baldness. The result for this condition could be any. 

  • not using proper care of hair
  • proper head massage
  • unhealthy diet
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • heredity and many other reasons

The problem depicts some signs of thinning hair in patches or specific regions, such as the crown area of the scalp. The pace at which the hairline will begin receding will be separate from one person to other. But, the men will turn fully bald within the time of ten to twenty years, mostly if one had not ever use any step towards stopping hair loss or the progress of the receding hairline. 

Female Pattern Baldness – an insight

Depending on the surgeons treating the different hair, issues believe that females suffering from female hair baldness can start seeing that hair begins thinning from the crown area of the scalp. The hair in this part will look to be thinner than fragile. The bad information is that soon the region will become bald. Any of the females that have female hair baldness may not wholly lose hair from the hairline.

 In most cases, the hair follicles from the center of the scalp do not grow new hair follicles, though making a big bald patch in the center of the head. It is the primary sign of female pattern baldness. Females to their age of fifties or sixties are at risk to have this condition.   

A Simplified Analysis of Both Male and Female Pattern Baldness

It must be noted that though the symptoms of both male and female pattern baldness vary from one another, however once in a while, the male may observe the sign of female pattern baldness, then the same happens to females. In the basic variation between male or female pattern baldness are-

For the reason of female pattern baldness:

  • The way of receding hairline
  • As the hairline enlarge, it forms an M- shaped hairline 
  • It impacts the hair follicles of the crown with the middle region of the head. 

In the case of Male Pattern Baldness:

  • Receding of hairline does not take place; though, options of broadening the forehead are minimum. 
  • Damages the hair only of the center region of the scalp.  

The Cause

Male hormones such as androgens, testosterone with DHT have been increased to trigger male pattern baldness. The hair loss genes with circulating androgens should be present to trigger the sign of female pattern hair loss. The gene is taken via a multifactorial or polygenic form of an estate.

DHT taken from testosterone through the 5alpha-reductase enzyme affect the genetically receptive follicle. Hence leading to hair loss via miniaturization via shrinkage. The outcome is more progressively shorter with tender hair. Having more age, total suspension of growth may arise in genetically programmed follicles.      

How is it Diagnosed?

When you observe severe thinning of hair on your scalp, it is time to talk to a doctor or dermatologist. The doctor may assist you in diagnosing the issue to get what the pattern of hair loss is. Overall, female pattern baldness will not need any testing.

When your doctor notices any other kind of hair loss, they can ask for a blood test to check the hormonal state such as thyroid, androgens, iron, or any other substance that can damage your hair growth.  


After passing through the article above, one suffering from any male or female hair loss or a receding hairline, the days of beauty and smartness have bygone for better days. But this is not the situation. Both males and females pattern baldness will have their natural-looking hair back.