The Damages Bring Upon by Termites and Its DIY Solutions

Having termites at home is such a pain that’s why we are here with the best methods of killing termites. Make sure to give this article a thorough read or call a professional if the termite situation has progressed.

Damages by Termites

Being home and having to worry about nothing is one of the most blessed feelings there are. But that feeling shatters ever so quickly when you have pests at home, termites to be more specific. Termites’ main food source is wood, and for some people, it’s half the amount of things they have at home. From the wooden furniture to the valuable and polished wooden flooring, nothing is would be safe from the termites once they enter a home.

Are you scared yet? Good, now let’s check out the ways you can stop your home from becoming a pile of dust and that is without calling a termites exterminator near me at first. But before, it’s important to know that you have termites at home, to begin with. Here are some of the signs of termite Infestation…

  • Check all the wooden object at home to see if it has been infested by termites. On the outside, you might not comprehend it but tapping on the object would suffice. The hollow sound of furniture is a clear indication that termites have been inside eating the object.
  • When a termite attacks a painted wooden object, you can see the paint has been cracked or bubbled. It happens when the termites reached the surface from the inside. Moreover, you will also witness the surface cracking abnormally and is a result of termites eating the object hollow from inside.
  • Check for mud tubed for gathering more evidence. Mud is the pathway of termites as they network through underground. Termites don’t stick around in a place for longer and because they travel through these mud tubes, scanning the backyard would provide you the biggest clue.

If through the above inspection methods, you have been able to find the termites’ location, start to find the ways to get rid of these pests. On a side note, do make sure to call an affordable termites pest control near me if the situation is going out of hand. But if that’s not the case, check out the below treatment to put an end to the termite Infestation…

Heat Treatment

Termites hate being in the sun and its heat, that explains why they travel through soil. Hence, you need to use this weakness to your advance. You can either take the infected object out in the sun and leave it all throughout the day or heat up the room up to 120°F. If you are using the later heating treatment, you will only need to do it for one hour before the termites will die due to the heat.

Termite Spray

Termites spray is not more so a killing method but a repellent one as such spray are not sufficient to kill the bugs. You can use it on the furniture after killing all the termites as a prevention method. If you haven’t been attacked by termites till now, applying this spray all around the home would be the best way to keep them at bay. We don’t suggest this method if you have kids and pets at home.

Termite Baits

That’s right you can actually trap the termites with homemade baits easily. Just take out an old cardboard box and then wet it thoroughly. Then place this trap right outside of your home, mainly directed at the entry points like doors and holes. When the termite will emerge from underground, they will have to go through the wet cardboard box and that’s how they will be trapped there. Termites cannot walk through the texture of the wet cardboard box, which makes it a perfect and cost-effective DIY termite treatment. After trapping the bugs inside, make sure to either burn the box or throw it away from your home.


Borax powder or borates is not only for your laundry, as it can be an effective armor again termite infestation. Borates will kill all the hidden termites at your home doesn’t matter how deep their hidden place, but first you have to locate them all. After locating the places, you can either sprinkle the powder or spray the mixture of water and borates on the affected area. Ensure that the mixture is properly reaching through the whole colony.

These are some of the most effective ways to deal with a termite infestation, but these won’t suffice when the problem has spread throughout the house. In such circumstances, call a 24-hour termites pest control Brisbane agency to deal with the problem. As without a professional’s help, your home might lose its stability.