Cycling – The Exercise For Positive Mental Health

cyclingThe benefits of cycling are numerous. When you take up this amazing activity, you work both on your mind and your body. Your health and your well-being are majorly influenced by this kind of activity. To make things even better, all of the impacts are positive. Both your body and your mind benefit a lot from cycling. You build muscle, relieve stress, connect with nature, and strengthen your mind every time you go for a ride. Here are some of the ways in which cycling regularly helps you remain mentally healthy. 

Cycling gets you outside 

One of the first things that make cycling so amazing is the fact that it takes place outside. Any exercise is good exercise but the one performed outdoors is exceptional. Any chance to breathe in some fresh air and spend time in nature is priceless and this one is even better since it includes movement. 

If you’ve noticed that you’re feeling much better after just a stroll through some natural scenery, you are concluding well. This kind of movement out in the open makes people feel revitalized, energized, and more optimistic than any other form of exercise. That is a great reason to ditch the gym and get on the bike instead. 

Cycling improves mood 

Speaking of immediate changes, you may also notice that your mood improves as soon as you hop on the bike. Any physical activity can make you feel instantly happier and walking or cycling can do so pretty quickly. 

As soon as you start riding, you’ll feel much more content and even a lot calmer than before. Cycling is also a great way to feel more awake and present in the moment, which is also a very important feature of good mental health. 

Cycling helps you think calmer

As it was already said, cycling is amazing when it comes to thinking in a calmer manner. It’s not always easy to manage to do so on your own, especially if you spend your days thinking about various deadlines, challenging tasks, or unpaid bills, you’ll be amazed at how much clearer your thoughts are going to get as soon as you start turning those pedals. 

When riding a bike, there are no things that can remind you of any bad experiences whatsoever. You’ll be too busy thinking about the balance of the bike or the smooth breeze on your face that you won’t be able to wander off in your thoughts. 

Cycling helps you practice mindfulness 

For these exact reasons, cycling is the right activity for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness more but has no idea how to do it. Mindfulness is all about being fully present in a moment and that is exactly what cycling allows you to do. 

Once you are completely engaged with whatever it is you’re doing, you can say that you’re practicing mindfulness properly. Fortunately, you can easily do so by getting onto the bike and paying attention solely to the bike and your surroundings. Instead of thinking about any of your worries, you’ll just think of the pedal rolling, the road ahead of you, and the fresh air you’ll be able to breathe in while on the bike. 

Cycling helps you reduce symptoms of anxiety 

Anxiety is a serious condition that comes with a lot of unpleasant and unwanted guests. The constant feeling of fear, sweaty palms, rapid breathing, panic attacks, restlessness, and many other symptoms tend to show up when you suffer from anxiety. Luckily, cycling can reduce these symptoms. 

If you’ve struggled with anxiety for a while, you know how amazing it is to feel fine for some time. The good news is that cycling can make you feel like that more often. That means that by just visiting an online bicycle shop, you can make yourself feel much better. As soon as you start riding the bike regularly, you’ll also start feeling better than ever before. 

Cycling fights against depression

Cycling isn’t only good for reducing the symptoms of anxiety; it is also pretty good when it comes to fighting depression. Not only does it help you fight depression, but it can also help you prevent it altogether. 

Even though it’s still not clear how exactly cycling prevents depression, there certainly is evidence that there is a strong link between the two. 

Cycling can boost your self-esteem 

Cycling just makes you feel good. It doesn’t just make you feel better in general, but it also makes you feel better in your own skin. Cycling is a fun activity which is enough for it to be considered cool, but it can also help you build some muscle if you stick to a cycling training program. 

Not only will you produce happy hormones during cycling, but you will do some serious training as well. The fitness and the performance will increase slowly and you’ll be more than happy with the change. The sense of achievement will feel amazing, and you will look better than ever. 

Cycling prevents cognitive decline 

Even though it’s not great, it still happens. As people grow older, their brains tend to work slower than before. Aging brings a lot of unpleasant changes most of which are unavoidable. Not only aging but degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, also tend to make things worse for us. 

However, there is a way to avoid losing our important brain functions. The way to do so is by cycling more often. Namely, cycling is a kind of activity that counteracts the declining hippocampal function as people age. Hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory. 

Cycling relieves stress 

Everyday life is full of different challenges. You wake up every morning and almost every day there is a problem for you to solve. For this reason, you need to have a hobby. 

If you don’t, you’ll experience some serious burnout. That can only lead you to more problems. Instead, go for a ride a couple of times a week and you’ll relieve stress immediately. 


Cycling really is an interesting activity. It can play such a major role in the preservation of your mental health and it’s so simple and easy to fit into your daily life. You can even commute by bike if you cannot find any other way to fit into your schedule.