Top 5 Countries To Experience the Northern Lights Around the World

One of nature’s most spectacular phenomena is the aurora borealis or the northern lights. Nature’s art show has captivated the minds and hearts of humans since millennia. Once upon a time, witnessing such an event seemed out of our reach. But today, thanks to travel finance, it is possible to experience the northern lights in person.

Experience the Northern Lights Around the World

The Aurora Zone

The northern lights are most frequently visible in a stretch across Northern Scandinavia. That stretch is called the Aurora Zone. So, to see this magical nature show in person, book a foreign tour to Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, or Canada. The northern lights are unpredictable.

There is no single best place to see the northern lights. Your best bet is to head on over to any of the above countries during the appropriate season, which is usually winter due to the extended hours of darkness. Here is a rundown of the countries to visit to see the northern lights:

1. Norway

Norway is one of the most popular countries to visit for viewing the northern lights. Go there from October to March. You can book a log cabin away from the main cities for your stay, or go tent camping. You can also book one of Norway’s many fantastic aurora tours.

2. Iceland

Geothermal hot springs, volcanic landscapes, majestic waterfalls, pristine nature, and the northern lights—Iceland has it all. The aurora borealis is just one of many nature’s wonders to see there. The northern lights are visible throughout Iceland.

Seltjarnarnes in Reykjavik, Eldborgahraun, and Djúpavík are some of the most popular areas. The best time for viewing the northern lights is the period from September to April. Go aurora chasing—rent a campervan or tent camp. If that’s not your style, stay at a chic and quaint Airbnb accommodation of your choice.

3. Finland

Finland is often passed over in favour of Sweden or Norway. But Finland has a small human population. There are more reindeer there than humans! The gorgeous landscape marked by lakes and forests, coupled with extremely low light pollution, makes it the perfect place to go aurora hunting! In fact, it often has northern lights shining every second night from September to March! Visit Muotka, Menesjärvi, Nellim, Inari, or Saariselkä to have the best aurora experience.

4. Sweden

Abisko in Northern Sweden is a small town famous for its spectacular aurora borealis views. But almost all of northern Sweden has such little artificial lighting that it is a great place to witness the northern lights. You can stay at the world-famous ICEHOTEL, which is a bucket list item for many travellers. Go anytime between September and March. Rent a cabin, go husky-sledding, and book an aurora-focused tour.

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5. Canada

Northern Canada like the Yukon boasts some of the best spots for aurora borealis activity. Go from late August to mid-April. Go tent camping, rent a campervan, or a cosy Airbnb. Here too, you can book aurora tours to have the best experience in aurora viewing. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will love the remote, unspoiled wilderness of this territory.

Summing up

The elusive and mysterious northern lights are calling. Are you going to answer? Are you waiting to tick this off your bucket list? Plan your budget, take a personal loan, and head to any of the countries above to experience nature like you never have before