Top 6 Unmatched Benefits of Best Corn Planter Closing Wheels

To get higher potential yield, the use of the best Corn Planter Closing Wheels plays a major role.

Corn Planter Closing Wheels

Generally, it used to be a common practice for the producers to use wait for the no-till soil to become warm and dry in the springtime to begin planting the seeds.  Waiting for the appropriate conditions of soil and weather will make the producers waste a lot of time and miss the opportunity that otherwise they would make use of to grow the plant. Planting seeds in the fixed time periods of late spring means loss of time as well as the profits which are otherwise earned by the yield.

Generally when you plant corn late can cost you more trouble than planting the corn early. If the corn is planted late, let us say after mid of May. Every day there can be losses of 1% after mid-May.

The good news is that there are certain advanced, innovative and well-designed tools and agriculture equipment that can be employed to prevent losses and to overcome the early planting issue.  There are Jasa says that research indicates yield loss typically starts on corn planted after May 15. It can go down 1% every day after that.

Corn planter closing wheels are effective to close the seed trench and make the planting possible in earlier times than spring.   Even if the conditions of the soil are less suitable for planting. The use of Corn planter closing wheels ensures that the seeds are placed consistently even if the conditions are tough. This helps the producers to meet the target of spacing and enhance the seed-to-soil contact.  Because poor spacing and bad seed-to-soil contact can hinder the germination and emergence of the seeds.  Therefore, the use of well-designed Germinator Closing Wheels along with the planter is useful to enhance yield and avoid the risk of losses per bushels.

What are the benefits of using the Germinator Closing Wheels?

Germinator Closing Wheels are the advanced corn planter closing wheels that are made entirely from high-grade steel. As compared to the other traditional closing wheels made from rubber or low-quality metals such as iron, copper, etc.  The traditional standard closing wheels are more prone to getting rusty, wear off, or corroded.  Whereas, there are no such issues associated with the Germinator Closing Wheels. The steel body of the Germinator Closing Wheels is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. So, they will work for years without much maintenance.

Moreover, the Germinator Closing Wheels can be attached to almost all models and types of planters and tractors available in the market.

The benefits of Germinator Closing Wheels are many that give better yield and profits to the farmers.  Here we are listing some of the topics that are derived from the Germinator Closing Wheels:

1. Proper seed to soil contact

The Germinator Closing Wheels covers the seed furrow effectively so the seeds are able to maintain an effective seed-to-soil contact. This is necessary to create ideal conditions for the germination and emergence of the seeds.

2. Faster warming of the seed ‘V’

When the seeds are covered properly and there is effective seed to soil contact, then the seeds get warm faster. The warmer conditions are required for the germination process of the seed.

3. Prevent sidewall compaction

The Germinator Closing Wheels are effective in preventing sidewall compaction which is a requisite condition for effective germination and emergence. Also, the elimination of sidewall compaction leads to the proper growth of the root and with proper depth.

4. Faster germination and emergence of the seeds

By providing suitable and ideal conditions for the seeds, the germination and emergence of the seeds become faster as well as consistent.  As a result, at the time of harvesting, all the plants are of the same growth and well-matured for the harvesting.

5. Reduction in down pressure

The Germinator Closing Wheels is made from steel which produces lower pressure on the seed as well as the soil.  This is considered a good sign for the closing wheels to possess for effective germination.

6. No sharp edges

Generally, the closing wheels made from metals such as iron, or copper head agriculture equipment have sharp edges and there is always a risk of hurting the seeds. Whereas, the Germinator Closing Wheels is made from high grade and quality steel that do not possess the risk of sharp edges.

Germinator Closing Wheels is ideal for the producers for planting seeds of corn, soybean, wheat, rice, barley and many other grains.  You can buy Germinator Closing Wheels for your farmland and earn a higher potential yield.