Use a Composite Decking Calculator to Get an Instant Quote


Composite decking is fast growing in popularity because of the low maintenance and higher durability. Composite decking manufacturers look at different hardwoods to offer the best options to the homeowners when building a deck.

Along with the quality and best finish, the homeowners are anxious about one more aspect, and it is the costs. They look for instant quotes or some numbers that can give them a good idea of the total costs involved. This is where the composite decking calculator steps in and helps one to get a reasonable estimate on decking prices.

A composite decking calculator can be used both offline and online. However, it is getting more common to use the online calculators as they are easier to access and use.

1. How to Use a Composite Decking Calculator?

The calculator is easy and simple to use and all one needs to do is fill in some numbers. First of all, one needs to have specific numbers for how many hidden fasteners, screws and deck-boards would be required for the given deck size. Users must also know the preferred board length and width as well as joint spacing.

Once the user fills in the average price per deck board, he would be able to get an average number on the composite decking project. It can be challenging to get a good estimate on decking prices, and a composite decking calculator makes things a bit easier.

2. Material Required to Build a Deck

There are various materials required to build the deck like the joints, handrails and the deck boards. Different decking calculators are based on the materials required to make the deck. For example, the calculator may work out the joints at 400mm centres, and the nails, lengths of posts, postmixes and fixings are added accordingly.

The decking is supplied in the lengths so that there are as few joints as possible. Handrails are considered with the newest posts, and every time there is a gap in the total length, one new post gets added.

3. The Costs of Composite Decking

Most homeowners prefer composite decking as the material for building a deck. This is because the composite decking material looks similar to wood, is very easy to maintain and is very durable. The average cost of composite decking comes out to be about $35 per square foot, while the polyethylene-based composite decking costs about $7.82 per square foot.

Typical composite decking can cost anywhere between should be in pounds or dollars? However, the final costs depend on the material chosen for the deck and its size. In order to get instant quotes, it is advised to make use of a composite decking calculator.

4. The Benefits of Composite Decking:

Although composite decking does look a bit more expensive when compared to other materials, it is indeed a cost-effective solution in the long run. Those who have set up a composite deck need to worry about staining, sealing, and splintering maintenance and upkeep are easier for the composite decks. One can always start planning and saving for the deck they want once they are aware of the average costs based on the composite decking calculator. It is a good idea to stick to the standard 10 x 12 deck if budget is a concern. Keep away from complex sizes and measurements if you want to keep the costs down.

Use the composite decking calculator and adjust the sizes and lengths to keep the costs under control. It is indeed beneficial to use the decking calculator as it offers one a good idea to play around with numbers when it comes to the length, width, the number of joints and nails required.