Colors of Your Home

What the Colors of Your Home Say About You

According to the psychology of color, each shade evokes different emotional responses and offers insight into your personality.

A recent study discovered that people living in blue houses are considered to be more successful than those in any other color. The average owner of a blue house earns PS38,000 a year, has two children, a long-term relationship and drives an Audi.


Pink represents nurturing, caring, tenderness and sensitivity. Its calming and non-threatening nature makes it ideal for interior design.

It is also a color that evokes innocence, hope and optimism. It also symbolizes traditional femininity and the feminine aspects of love and romance.

You are very nurturing and crave others’ attention, support, and care. To fulfill your need for these things, you must feel unconditionally loved.

You may see the world through rose-colored glasses, meaning you are optimistic about life and enjoy peace, harmony, and fun moments in your daily routine. But you also have a sense of balance and can appreciate it when you have time to relax. You’re a sociable, outgoing, and friendly person who doesn’t take yourself too seriously. You enjoy being a leader but appreciate a good book or movie on a lazy weekend. You’re a loyal friend and partner because you value commitment and trust. As incredible as it may seem, sometimes altering your home’s interior and exterior colors can also adjust how you feel about it and the surroundings in which you live. Planning carefully for this significant transformational project that can raise your house’s curb appeal and resale value is critical. You should also know how much paint you’ll require and who will do the work. Choose a company like Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting.


Purple is a cheerful-whimsical and playful color associated with escape from reality and magical images. It also carries a sense of wealth and extravagance, which may explain its association with royalty.

It fosters creativity and imagination, especially in lighter shades. It is a powerful and mysterious color that inspires spiritual searches.

The color also suggests aspiration, enlightenment and a calm self-awareness that translates into leadership roles. As such, it encourages innovation and a peaceful balance in all aspects of your life.

If you love purple, it is a sign that you have a strong sense of justice, empathy and kindness. It also suggests that you are creative and a good problem solver.


Blue is a color that many people find soothing. It’s associated with water (especially the sea) and sky, giving it tranquility.

It also suggests stability and loyalty. It’s a common choice for workplaces that seek to project dependability and trustworthiness.

Blue can promote serenity and calm when used in home décor, enabling you to concentrate on the good things in your life. However, it can also make you feel sad and depressed if you are not feeling well or have recently experienced a loss.

If you have a blue personality, you may be empathetic and nurturing, passionate about caring for others and fixing their problems. You’re also likely to be highly analytical and take time to think things through before you do something.


White is the palest and most achromatic color.

This personality color suggests purity, goodness and creativity. It is also connected to openness and honesty.

If you love the color white, it could suggest that you are a perfectionist who values clean and neat environments. Your standards for cleanliness are flawless, so you may have difficulty accepting imperfections from others and yourself.

Your focus on cleanliness can sometimes annoy those who need the same care to maintain their homes.

You may also be wary of those who get rich quick or seek a shortcut to happiness. You aren’t impulsive and value control over your life and career.

You might also feel lonely or cold sometimes and need help to be open-minded and flexible. Leave these traits behind by letting other colors shine onto your soul. They can help you live a happier, more fulfilling life!

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