Choosing a Comprehensive Online Container Tracking Service in India

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An effective online container tracking system consists of a virtual dispatch terminal that allows for precise cargo information course. As a vital instrument in the supply chain, an online track and trace system offers handy and effective ways to follow the accurate location of containers, with the help of container number. As such, it is essential to recognize the significant benchmarks required in a particular supply chain. Those benchmarks can provide multiple purposes throughout the flow of data. Besides the noticeable which ensures that the merchandise arrives to end destination on time, there is the inevitable return of the container to the ocean carrier.

Much of the shipping container industry is built on outsourcing various parts of the process to different specialty companies. Therefore, it is wise to select an Online Container Tracking in India that includes the return of the shipping container, as well as a comprehensive understanding of this part of the transportation process. The marine carrier owns the shipping container and the chassis used to transport them.

They contract to pick up services from the port or container yard to the manufacturers’ door with trucking or drayage companies who perform the actual pickup and delivery, and although they are responsible for the shipping container, the consignee is responsible for unloading in a timely manner. Most ocean carriers provide for a limited number of free days from the time containers are delivered to the customer door until they are due back. This is typically 3 to 5 days.

It is important to remember that free days include weekends, as well. This is a fee that is charged for additional days, is known as a demurrage charge, and can quickly become expensive without anyone knowing differently. To capture this data the customer would need information that was as close to real time as possible, that is delivered in an e-mail or some other type of electronic form of notification, which identifies the remaining number of free days, as well as contact information for the trucker when container pick up, is ready.

Ideally, a notification or delivery order to the carrier for pick up would be generated upon receipt of the trigger, thus creating a permanent record of that date stamps the transaction. Having this information for future reference is a good idea, even though the manufacturer has returned the shipping container timely delays after pick up by trucker are possible, and this will protect you in the event proof is needed to verify the time and day the return was made. Online Container Tracking in India can trigger this event to ensure that the task is carried out and that the shipping container is returned timely.

For shipping companies such as Ameya Logistics container tracking services have greatly benefitted the way they handle their operations and have significantly improved their supply chain management.

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