How to Change a Motorcycle Tyre Yourself?

Change a Motorcycle Tyre

Tyres are an important part of any vehicle. Improperly installed or punctured tyres will not only damage your motorcycle but will also put you at risk of an accident. Hence, one should get their motorcycle frequently checked and should also have information on how to change the motorcycle tyre themselves.

Removing Motorcycle Tyres:

Certain materials are required for removing a motorcycle tire. These can easily be purchased from a motorcycle shop.

  • Spray-on Silicone Lubricant
  • Tyre irons
  • Breezer tire tool
  • Valve Core tool
  • Bead Breaker
  • Compressed Air Pump
  • And a Rim Protector

Release Air from the tyre:

The first and foremost thing which you would want to do is to release air from the tyre with the help of a valve core tool. Snap or screw this tool into the valve for keeping it open. You will need to hold the valve core tightly as the air coming out of it is usually very strong. Releasing air from the tire loosens the tension between them and makes it much easier to work with.

Detach bead from the rim:

The next step is to detach the bead from the rim with the help of a bead-breaking tool. A bead is the curved lip of the tire which is in between where the tyre meets the rim for holding them in place. The bead-breaking tool is inserted between the tyre and a wheel rim. When the bread breaks loose it will make a pop sound. Then separate the tyre from the edges of a rim on both sides. If the bead does not come out then try to push more air out of the tires.

Use spray-on Silicone Lubricant:

If you still have a difficulty in getting the bead out then spray a silicone lubricant on it, it will help it in coming out. Then you can easily slip the tyres of the rim by entering tyre irons under the bead and then pulling the tire away from the rim. For the tire to completely come off, remove it from both sides. While doing this, constantly spray the tire bead with the lubricant, it will prevent it from sticking together.

Use of C-clamps:

Take a large clamp and tuck it into the tire where it tucks into the rim and tightens it, so that the tire is pressed down and the bead starts to bend off. Add clamps on both of its sides. Once this is done, pull the clamps towards the edge of the tire so that the bead comes off. You might have to repeat the process a couple of times so that the whole bead comes off.

Use tyre levers:

The final step of getting a tyre out is by placing 2 tyre levers over the rim for prying the beads up. Tyre levers are just two metal tabs that you shove under the bead in order to pull the tire up. The backside of the metal tabs just sits under the rim. Hence, the rim acts as a support which allows you to pull the tire up and over the rim. If you are not careful then it can damage your rim. Also, if you are not a professional then it is recommended that you buy some foam pieces that you can fit between your tyre iron and the rim.

Method of re-installing the tire:

  • First, lubricate your tire with a lubricating spray so it becomes slippery and is easy to work with. Then place the motorcycle tyre in its spin direction.
  • Attach tyre to the rim with the help of tyre irons. However, the tyre wall will be placed within the tyre iron and rim so that the tyre iron is able to push the tyre into the rim.
  • Then for the bead to be popped in the tyre, pump some air into it but keep in mind to not fully inflate it, just pump it till you hear a pop sound. For making the process easier, you can try hitting the tyre around the bead with a small hammer. It will enable the tyre to shift around and make it easy for the bead to slip in. Try to seal the bead into the tyre with the help of a breezer tyre tool.
  • Lastly, fill the tyre up with a ceramic dust as it help the tyres in equalizing its weight and maintaining the balance.
  • Re-insert the valve stem with the help of a valve stem tool and inflate your tire to the recommended pressure.

After this, you are good to ride your motorcycle. Although it is important that you know how to change your tyres but if you don’t want to do this process at home then you can always take your bike to mechanics and they can fix your tyre for you.