Buying Pear Trees Online – What You Need to Know

Pears are fruits produced from the pear tree, a species of the genus Pyrus, family Rosaceae. There are various types of pear trees. While some are cultivated for their edible nature, some others are cultivated to act as shades and contribution to a greener environment. Unlike many tree species on the market, pear trees thrive more in areas with low temperatures. Though you can grow pear seeds into a full-grown tree, it is often better to buying pear trees online and cultivate it at home. Because of the time taken to grow the seeds and the uncertainties involved, most individuals now buy pear trees online

Buying Pear Trees Online

The species of a pear tree that is bought will depend on the purpose it will serve. Many people plant a pear tree for its edible fruits. However, in spring, the pear tree really proves its ornamental purpose with its white blossoms and for this reason, you can also buy pear trees online for ornamental purposes.

Planting Your Pear Trees

So you’ve bought your pear tree online and now it’s time to plant it. 

Before planting your pear tree, you’ll need to remove the tree from the tee pot and use your kitchen knife to slice out small sides of the root ball. This is done to create enough room for the tree to grow without the roots growing around it. 

When planting, you make sure that the base of the tree goes about 6 centimeters below the soil level.

Fill the soil back and water the pear tree. You may also decide to put mulch on the rooting area. After planting, you should always water your pear tree regularly, at least once weekly. After the first growing season, you will only need to water your pear tree during summer, when the air moisture is decreased.

How to Get the Most Of Your Pear Tree

When you buy pear trees online and have started cultivating them at home, they begin to bring forth fresh fruits which serve a wide range of purpose. So how do you make the most of pear fruits? Check out the following:

  • Take Firm Pears: When choosing pears that you want to use, go with the hard ones. 
  • Store in Brown Bags: If you’re tired of waiting for your pear to get ripe, you can pluck it off the tree and store it in a brown paper bag. Puncture the paper bag to allow air into it and store at room temperature. Check them regularly to be sure they don’t over ripen.
  • Deep in Lemon Water: This is done mainly to prevent the pear from browning out prematurely. It works better for European pears than for Asian pears. 

Although you can grow your own pear seeds into a tree, the unpredictable nature of the cultivation of the pear fruit has made it best to buy pear trees online. Not only does this save you time, but you’ll enjoy your fresh edible pear fruits a lot faster.