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Bre Ladd

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About Her

Bre Ladd is a short form for Brianne Filene Ladd. Moreover, people call her Bre. She was born on the 19th of April 1984. As of now, she is 38 years old. Bre Ladd is the wife of Luke Walton. Bre Ladd was born in Tucson, Arizona, United States. Her nationality is American. 

Early Life And Education

Bre Ladd is the daughter of Bobbi and Bill Ladd. Bre Ladd’s parents were equally talented and were very happy when she was born. her parents were too successful in the industry of sports. From the very beginning by seeing her parents so enthusiastic towards the sports she was all into sports and wanted to make her name in the sports industry. 

Bre Ladd, as mentioned above, grew up in the United States of Tucson. There, she attended a school named Canyon Del Oro High School. She was a talented volleyball player. In school competitions, she helped her team to win two consecutive championships of state. 

Later on, after completing her school Bre Ladd got enrolled in a university named ‘University of Arizona’. Even in that university, she continued her skills and interests in Volleyball. In the University too she helped her team to work and win many tournaments such as the NCAA. She was an outstanding player and helped her team win for all four years of her college career. 

Later on, after completing college Bre Ladd took a break from her favourite sport volleyball, and decided to go into the field of marketing. 


Bre Ladd was blessed with a wonderful family. When she was born Bre Ladd was raised with her brother named Josh Ladd. She has just one sibling and they love each other. Bre Ladd’s parents Bobbi and Bill Ladd, both were very successful in their fields, especially in sports. Bre Ladd’s mother was a very successful and famous former volleyball player, so we see that she got her inspiration from her mother. Similarly, her father is a famous and very prominent coach of basketball. He is professional and therefore the genes of sports are inculcated in Bre Ladd as we can see. 


Bre Ladd is married to Luke Walton. He is a head coach of the ‘Sacramento Kings’ and formerly he was an NBA player. She met him in 2002 when she was studying at the University of Arizona. They both met for the very first time but soon after that they started dating officially in 2005 and since then they have all been together. Soon after that, they both have dated for very long periods, and then in 2012, the couple got married. It was a very private ceremony that was held in Aspen, Colorado. Only a few of their known friends were invited to the wedding and the couple wanted to keep things very private and low-key. 

Bre Ladd and Luke have children too, two in particular. Their first child is named Lawson, he is their first son and was born in 2016. After three years, in 2019 Bre Ladd gave birth to her daughter named Laden. Bre Ladd has a very beautiful and very supportive family. 

As of now, the family resides in California’s Sacramento. And there, Luke is a head coach of the CCNBA which stands for ‘Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association’.


Bre Ladd from early childhood is playing volleyball and in that she has created a record. She was a member of the CDO Honor Roll. 

Later on, she also played for ‘Arizona University’. 

Bre Ladd has also played for ‘Club Cactus’, Apart from Volleyball, Bre Ladd has also served the deaf students as their mentor. 

After some time she took a break from sports and got into marketing and before coming into the field of sports she worked with some amazing brands, such as Nike. 

Net Worth

Bre Ladd’s net worth is around 3 million dollars. This is the combined effect of both marketing and her volleyball sports. She is a very hard-working lady and has been enthusiastic to have a successful life and family. She aspired to be one of the top people and therefore now she is there. 

Zodiac Sign

 Based on her work it seems that her zodiac sign is Aries. Although, in many of her interviews she claimed that she does not like or believe in all of this. 


Bre Ladd is not much interested in Instagram or other social media platforms. She likes to live a very private and simple life. In many of her interviews, she has said that she does not appreciate posting her family pictures or other stuff online because being a celebrity figure is always on a plate. 

Physical Features

Bre Ladd is very beautiful and is known for her amazing posture and stature. Bre Ladd is tall, as her height is around 6 feet 1 inch. In centimeters, her height is around 185 cm. Bre Ladd weighs around 147 pounds or 67 kilograms. The color of her hair is blonde and she has very pretty blue colored eyes. 

Her sexuality is straight and her religion is Christianity. Bre Ladd’s ethnicity is white. 

Awards And Recognitions

Bre Ladd won ‘Gatorade National High School Volleyball Player of the Year’. 

Adding to her honours she won ‘Tucson Citizen’. Along with this Bre Ladd also won ‘Arizona Republic Arizona State Player of the Year’. 


Bre Ladd is an inspiration for all the people who want to pursue their career in sports. She has said in many of her interviews that her mother and father are her inspiration and she looks up to them. She is a very successful housewife and a very successful player. Bre Ladd is a hard-working woman and inspires us to pursue our interests.

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