Top 4 Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets of 2020 in the USA For EA Sports

The EA sports is a sub-branch of Electronic Arts that publishes and launches video games that are related to sports. This sub-branch grew in time to become a label of its own with games like NFS, FIFA, NBA Live, and Madden NFL. Such high resolution and true to life games require a headgear that can do justice to the life like the audio of the game. For this reason, the Turtle Beach Headsets are highly preferred and chosen to accompany these games.

Turtle Beach Headsets
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Here is a list of top five gaming headsets by the Turtle Beach flagship that has been considered the best to work with EA sports games in the United States of America.

1- Turtle Beach EarForce XL1 Corded Gaming Headsets

If you are a gamer and looking for an entry-level sound gear that can offer you immersive sound and clear communication, then the XL1 is the best choice for you. This is one of the most affordable corded headsets that come in an affordable range. The headset has premium quality 50 mm speakers with earcups that are oversized circumaural.

It has an over the head wearing style, and it features an in-line amplifier which provides quick access to the exclusive game and chats volume controls. It also has an in-built bass boost system so that you get to have the most immersive sound experience while gaming. It has a plug-in power source making it quick to set up.

2- Turtle Beach Xbox 360 Wired Gaming Headsets

This over the ear gaming headset is compatible with the Xbox 360 gaming console. It has a built-in sound enhancer that allows you to experience a more immersive sound while gaming. The integrated Turtle Beach bass boost adds further realism and depth to your sound experience.

The gadget has inbuilt individual controls that let you adjust the Xbox 360 chat and game volume controls with great comfort and without interrupting your game speed. It also has a mic monitor that lets you hear what you are saying during a conversation. The headset is powered via USB, so there is no need for additional batteries or power sources.

3- Turtle Beach Elite Pro Corded Gaming Headset

This pro level gaming headset comes with ComforTec Fit revolutionary adjustment system, which lets you adjust them to your maximum comfort level. The AeroFit ear cushions deliver cool relaxation, a better sound quality, and passive noise canceling. It has a speaker frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz with Nanoclear 50mm speakers.

This luxurious headset has a pro gaming microphone that is equipped with TruSpeak technology. The over the ear wearing style makes them ideal for people who do not want to be disturbed by any external element during their gaming sessions. They come with an Elite Pro 1.3m Audio Cable. Turtle Beach’s signature audio tuning enables this headset to deliver true to the life gaming experience that is the best value for the user’s money.

4- Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless Gaming Headset

Wireless Headphones are a true blessing for people who spend long hours on games. And when this wireless comfort comes with so many benefits, the blessing is further amplified. The Elite 800 is one of such headsets that combines class, luxury, and productivity all in one. With DTS, X 7.1 Surround Sound – Noise Cancellation – Superhuman Hearing – PS4, PS3, and Mobile Device compatibility, there is almost nothing that this headset does not offer you.

It comes with enhanced DTS surround sound presets and modes that combine with the enhanced Turtle Beach presets to give you an exhilaratingly immersive sound experience. Dynamic chat boost, active noise-canceling, and a magnetic charging stand take your comfort and performance to the next level.


Playing video games is shaping up to be a full-time profession for many people around us. Pro gamers truly understand how a miscalculated sound signal can completely ruin their performance. Selecting a good and true to requirement headset is a must for people who want to perform well in this niche. Thanks to FindHeadsets online store, this worry is reduced to the maximum since the best are always showcased here. Have a look at the exhaustive range available on the website yourself and see what suits best for you. For more information or any other models just visit.