Find Top 7 Blogging Trends to Look Out For

Blogging Trends

Planning to make content marketing one main ‘driver’ of your brand’s digital success? Then up dating the blogging framework at par with some contemporary trends emerges to be indispensable.

How exactly do you wish to model and evolve own business site’s content framework?

Through –

  • Fine-tuning landing pages with more of cutting-edge video contents
  • Increasing the tactical usage of dynamic graphics and ‘Animojis’ within website write-ups
  • Resorting to the ‘bulleted’ or ‘short paragraph’ format for presentation of long-drawn contents
  • Endeavoring to devise real-time unique and ‘CrawlBot’ relevant titles
  • Smartening up the articles and blogs by infusion of adept keywords over the most significant lines
  • Focusing over crafting complete and standardized Metadata that lets Google readily realize your site’s nature and index you in its ‘Near Me’ search option
  • Heightening the content module’s optimization benchmark by widening the spectrum of keyword usage from only the texts to sub-heads, image titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, file names etc


Doubtlessly, each of these plays an eminent part in enhancing your entire content structure’s benchmarks of readability, understandability and appeal and, in effect, doubling-up user engagement over the portal – including scope of conversion.

But, what exact development plans do you have regarding the blogging module in particular? Not any specific blueprint till now?

At par with a research conducted by well-known content marketing services in Singapore, acknowledge that –

  • For more than 50% of dedicated online shoppers, a company’s blog posts is a prime yardstick for judging its standard and they are prone to skim through at least 3 published contents prior to buying
  • Regular ‘netizens’ consider blogs as the 5th trusted source for gaining perfect information from the Internet
  • To around 56% of international digital marketers, scheduled blogging is a foremost inbound marketing strategy – be it for customer retention/ brand awareness or lead generation
  • Back links from genuine and reputed websites – one of Google’s prime criterion for Search Engine Ranking, arrive by a 97% more quotient, once you delve into the practice of persistent and fine-quality blogging
  • When daily posting inclusive of standard becomes possible for you, the likelihood of regular traffic arrival heightens by 5X more of pace
  • Highlighting blogs as your domain’s main USP gives you about 450% better chance of ranking high in Search Engine Result
  • In the long-run, maintaining an upscale blogging framework, benefits a firm with a 30% increase in the overall traffic arrival and 68% ‘hike’ over per month lead generation
  • As a promotional platform, it syncs best with your other implemented marketing mediums and simply doubles-up traffic from the e-mail marketing module

So, vital it is to pay attention over the blogging structure for holistic success over the World Wide Web isn’t it?

In here is documented some befitting trends for you to pursue and ensure that every blog crafted is ‘in sync’ with the expectations and habits of ‘netizens’.

Structure Stimulating Headings that

  • invoke the feel of surprise/curiosity/enthusiasm in the viewers’ minds
  • represent your awareness about the trending fervor of the parent industry
  • come up as the solution over the genre’s much-discussed issue amongst consumers (like ‘Top 7 Tips/ ‘Best Hacks to Develop’/ ‘5 Errors to Avoid’)
  • comprise a tactical blend of numbers and catchy words for making the entire content ‘fit’ for social media sharing
  • are not more than 13 words long to guarantee ready attention amidst thick crowd

Attune Blogs with Voice Search by

  • devising custom-made podcasts of ‘what’s been written’
  • integrating upscale text-to-speech plugins such as Amazon Polly, Odiogo Listen, GSpeech etc

And –

  • get accessible to 1/5th of the global quotient of smart phone users, who, in accordance to ace content marketing services in Singapore, prefer to ‘ask’ rather ‘type’
  • ensure own content’s visibility to 57% of those online shoppers, who avail Voice Search for finding a local business
  • be optimized with the buying behavior of around 30% smart home speaker owners resorting to their gadget to complete the shopping
  • make ground-preparation for 2020, when, as predict the veteran writers of Vision Web Creations, over 52% of Voice Searches will constitute the total quotient of Google queries

Attempt to Construct More Lengthy Pieces as

  • blogs continually enjoying the actual prominent rank in Google retain a standardized word-count ranging from 1100-1300
  • to around 55% of quality traffic across the borders, lengthier the blog is, higher is its readability value, quotient of reliability and consequently the parent site’s level of integrity
  • 45% of ‘netizens’ ‘love’ to explore long-drawn contents on their first visit to a site

Thereby, Opt for –

  • preventing information overload, but catering real-time worthwhile and at-depth information
  • enriching the writing with up-to-date statistics, expert inputs, Google-friendly H (Headline) tags and beneficial hyperlinks
  • resolving one contemporary issue or catering guidance/suggestions about a trending subject through the content
  • exhibit own service’s ‘X-factor’ over the ‘talked-about’ topic and ‘influence’ customers to trust your authority
  • aligning the blogs with On Page SEO best practices

Resort to ‘VBlogging’ or ‘Video+Blogging’ For

  • appealing to the preference of 90% digital shoppers, for whom ‘consumption of video content’ eases up the buying decision
  • fulfilling the ‘desire’ of over 80% millennial traffic to ‘view’ but not ‘read’
  • strengthening the scope of gaining around 95X more of attention and 67% of real-time potential leads
  • presenting a crystal-clear ‘story’ of own commerce for those 70% of international consumers, who like to select a brand by exploring its videos
  • be ‘equipped’ for 2021 when 82% of traffic generated will be from video contents

And, Excel to This End by –

  • creating own brand’s YouTube Channel and maintaining a fortnightly schedule of publishing
  • delving into the habit of cross-platform uploading of one particular video to maximize its reach within ‘netizens’
  • conducting ‘live streaming’ of certain brand USPs like daily job culture, employee engagement events, certain strategies of project management, activities involved ‘in the make’ of an already popular service or merchandise through ‘Face book Live’ or ‘Youtube Live Events’ etc

Integrate Social Media into the Blogging Structure and

  • Be optimized for the ready ‘knack’ of 94% ‘netizens’ to ‘Share’ a blog and ‘Comment’ over it
  • Remain prepared for trend of virtual networking’s synchronization with every digital marketing scheme
  • Enhance own content’s ‘brand name’ amidst the digital shopping community devoted to social media
  • Increase number of ‘Followers’ for blogging pages and consequently quality traffic for own site

Utilize ‘Hacks’ Such as –

  • Mashshare, Social Warfare, Sumo and alike social media plugins that ease the process for customers
  • Promotional campaigns on the popular platforms that stimulate consumers to reveal ‘what’s best’ about your blogs and therein give you the best of publicity
  • Strategically include those ‘feeds’ into portal’s most important ‘landing pages’ and fittingly impress the first-time visitors

Be attuned with ‘trends’ and let the proven 13X ‘hike’ of ROI from blogging ‘welcome’ your business.