7 Reasons to Not Choose Rewriting Articles For the Website

These days, internet marketers in huge numbers are using different types of marketing gimmicks for promoting products and services over websites. One commonly and widely used strategy is article marketing. It is said to work wonders for any business and provide greater visibility, tremendous sales, online traffic and much more. But few scrupulous online marketers only have marred its significance. They use black hat strategies which although might appear to be harmless, only make it harmful during the long run.

What is bad about black hat SEO technique?

The professionals offering seo services in Panchkula are of the opinion that article spinning is one such pervasive technique that is used commonly and creating fuss on the web. It contributes greatly to develop lots of backlinks. It is important to note that article marketing conducted with any article spinning software is only promoting black hat technique. This eventually will take toll on the site’s page ranking and visibility, etc.

7 salient reasons for not using rewriting articles

  • Scribbled copies generated by article spinning software: These programs are found to generate typically substandard quality content, making it hard to read. A better alternative will be to develop manual articles using own creativity, instead of the spinning software. but manual creation of contents from scratch will take some time, expertise, efforts and skills. But the results are likely to be worthwhile in the long run.
  • Search engines favour readable, unique and engaging contents: Be it Google, Bing or Yahoo!, they do attach great importance to readable, engaging and fresh contents. Moreover, periodically loaded contents have chances to get higher rankings.
  • Different diction, but tainted quality and essence: Different versions can be created by the article spinning software of any original article. It does by matching synonyms of the original words. Although it is easy to develop one, the nitty-gritty does remain the same with its quality heavily compromised. Only unique articles need to be published.
  • Search engines designed towards contradicting spun articles: In general, all search engines have been designed to weed out software spun articles. The latest Panda Update from Google checks out substandard sites.
  • Article spinning viewed as unfair practice: According to search engines and reputed seo service in Patiala, article spinning typically is viewed with askance. Online reputation as well as business worthiness is likely to be tainted quickly. Hence, these unethical tools are better avoided. Reputation building is likely to take good amount of time, but damaging the same is almost instant. Hence, duplicated and spun articles are to be completely avoided.
  • Writers’ creativity restricted with article spinning: Since the article is created by software, creative writing is absolute zero. It is also considered to be a bad way to acquire backlinks and is sure to backfire if the unethical practices are caught by the search engines.
  • Spun articles saturate the market: The spun original content can be converted into multiple versions. But it fails miserably, when trying to reflect different viewpoints. Hence, different versions of the original article will only saturate the market.

Hence, knowing the above reasons can help to come up with unique and fresh contents for the website promotion.