Top 5 Blockchain Courses To Choose For Your Career

Blockchain Courses

A decade has passed so far and blockchains have gained notable popularity all around the world. Its primary application is in driving cryptocurrencies which are the future of payment systems. The payment system is decentralized and is also quicker than the other methods. Besides them, blockchain is ready to be implemented in other sectors like healthcare, food processing, manufacturing, and other services. One should be aware of the top blockchain courses to secure a good blockchain job in these sectors. In this article, we will look at those courses

Top Blockchain Courses To Expand Your Career

1. Blockchain Foundations

This is the first course on the list most likely because a strong foundation will help aspirants grasp the basics of this technology. You can find these courses on any online platform dealing with blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The blockchain foundation course focuses on building your fundamentals on blockchains and how each block works in it.

Even those who do not have development experience can take benefit of this course as this one will tell you the principles required rather than programming languages. Here, you will also learn about cryptography, particularly the one that is implemented for blockchain.

2. Blockchain Specialization

Now the next course is specialization in blockchain. This one is a more advanced course and it focuses on every developmental and non-developmental process utilized in the blockchain. Blockchain specialization is one of the best blockchain courses for beginners and it is enough for you to stand in a line of professionals in blockchain technology.

In blockchain specialization, you do not deal with understanding the basics. Here, you go through all the deployment, designing, smart contracts execution, and coding phrase. Hence, it is also a course where you will deal with programming languages.

3. Python For Blockchain

Python is one of the versatile languages that programming innovators have already given to this world. Be it machine learning or AI, none of them can be imagined without this language as the main composition. Now, Python can easily be used for blockchain as it does not have a problem in improving scalability. It is a course for developmental phases and you will see how the libraries of this language are used to build, deploy, and manage the blocks on the blockchain.

The Python for Blockchain course will focus more on python’s variables, data types, loops, iterations, functions, and overall syntax for blockchain. If you have already learned Python, you will have no problem with this course. Those who come from a non-technical background can first learn the basics of Python to grasp more from this course. All the data structures required for blockchain will be understood from this course.

4. Blockchain A-Z

There are professionals who do not fit well in programming courses directly. They all can go for this course. Blockchain A-Z will let you understand both the fundamentals and programming implementation for this decentralized technology. One can also say that this course is a total package for all blockchain aspirants and that’s why it is called Blockchain A-Z. In this course, you will also learn about crypto transactions and smart contracts.

Both of them are crucial for any blockchain aspirant to know. After completing the entire course, you will know all the things and principles required to drive things faster and smoother in blockchain technology. In other words, you will know how to bring an update in this technology when challenges will come from time to time. 

5. Ethereum And Solidity

When Solidity comes with Ethereum, one should be aware of the fact that this one is not for beginners. You will be creating complex applications to handle operations in big companies. Here, you will get through both the back-end and front-end applications. When you know the principles needed to meet both the ends, you can call yourself an expert in this field.

Almost every technology in the internet world has a front-end for user interface and back-end for databases. With Ethereum And Solidity, you will learn Semantic User Interface, Mappings, Arrays, Structs, project infrastructure for Ethereum, and smart contracts using Solidity. You can also subscribe to video channels for this course. They will be beneficial for you. 


Here are the top blockchain courses that can give you an edge in the market. This year is the best time for you to make a career in blockchain technology. Blockchains can make processes more efficient and you should know what are fundamentals and how they work for application development and deployment. If you are an absolute beginner, you can start with knowing the fundamentals of blockchain.

After that, you can move further to learn a programming language for application development and other activities in the blockchain. In case you want to make the most out of blockchain, Python is a solution. It is the one-stop solution to learn each and every concept in the blockchain.

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