7 Study Tips To Success On The Cisco 700-680 Exam

For those who have taken Cisco training materials prior to having the Cisco Collaboration SaaS exam you already know that there are some important steps you need to take to prepare for the exam. Most of these steps are fairly obvious and you don’t really need to spend a lot of time on them. However, there are a few that are more critical to achieving success on the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Exam. These are things that will help make your study experience a little less of a drag. The steps below will help with this goal.

1. Cisco Acknowledgements section

The first thing you need to do is go over the Cisco Acknowledgements section in depth. This is where you find all of the references and resources for each of the topics in Cisco Collaboration SaaS lab classes. This section is extremely important because it will allow you to reinforce what you have learned in your previous Cisco 700-680 training materials. It will also allow you to learn new concepts that were not covered in class.

Cisco 700-680 Exam

2. Go over the labs

The next step is to go over the labs. Cisco has included lots of different labs in their course that you can take. The majority of them are based around networking, VoIP, and other networking related exercises. It is important to understand what the objectives of each lab are, and to make sure you are prepared to pass each one.

If you did not learn enough in your Cisco 700-680 training materials, you should make sure that you spend a lot of time reviewing all of the topics in your book. Most people will purchase another book or two after passing the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Exam. You might want to get some hands-on practice in with routers and switches to see how they are written and spelt.

3. Cisco Certified Network Associate

The third step you should take is to get an actual Cisco Certified Network Associate (Cisco Collaboration SaaS) Test. This is available at local community colleges, Cisco Training centers, and through online providers. The advantage to taking the Cisco Collaboration SaaS exam right away is that you have three short weeks to complete it. On the other hand, going back and re-taking the exam three months down the line could end up costing you time and money. Since you need to know these things before attempting the exam, take the time to get the test.

4. Watch Online videos

The last thing you should do is watch a few online videos. While there isn’t anything that can directly help you pass the Cisco examination, watching several tutorials or videos can help improve your confidence. You can even purchase Cisco 700-680 textbooks that have videos included in them. If you find them to be too boring, then find a good online resource that has more active learning.

With all of the tips and tricks listed above, you shouldn’t have any problems passing the Cisco exam. Once you do, you can become a strong Cisco engineer and work for any size company. Cisco is very popular and their technology is widely used by many different types of organizations. You’ll have a great future ahead of you when you complete this certification and begin earning the big bucks.

5. Taking The Exam

Now that you have been shown the right path to success, you’re probably a little anxious about taking the exam. The key to success here is to practice as much as you can. By studying, you can get better at studying and reduce the number of mistakes you make. This will make you a more efficient study shopper and allow you to get the most out of every class you take.

6. Set Up a Study Schedule

Another way to succeed on the Cisco exams is to set up a study schedule that will enable you to complete the course at your own pace. For some people, this can be quite difficult because it’s easy to become distracted by daily life. By planning out your study time, you will be able to learn the information you need in a systematic manner. If you’re still having difficulty, consider getting a tutor. This will allow you to concentrate on the areas that are causing you trouble and give you the extra push you need to excel on the Cisco exam.

7. Get Help from Internet

The Internet is a great resource for 700-680 study material. You should always use it to gather information because it’s fast, easy to navigate and free of charge. If you’re not sure which study guide is right for you, try some free trials before buying. It’s better to be safe than sorry and take advantage of free trials before investing in a certain product that might turn out to be a waste of money and time.


There is no doubt that the Cisco exam will test you to the fullest. By preparing in advance and using the tips above, you will ensure that you excel on the examination. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to do so, either. You can buy 700-680 study guides at Passin1day and get a full course load in a reasonable amount of time. You’ll find yourself surprised at how quickly you grasp the material and will pass with flying colors.