Top 4 and Best Tools for Paperless Education

Tools for Paperless Education

The first aspect that weighs down on the minds of students is learning the subject, and the next is dealing with the teacher. Many students, especially the sensitive ones, are simply afraid to attend certain lessons. 

Distance learning tools are now widely used. These tools establish connections between teachers and students. We can congratulate each educator for a properly adopted education software that has relieved the students’ terror and tears. Today, a teacher can teach students without being physically present in front of them. This is possible thanks to some online and dedicated desktop tools. Teachers can now create interactive content for students and use distance learning tools such as the following.

List of the best tools for paperless education

1. SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF strives to make its software self-sufficient to relieve the PDF service sector. The developer commissioned studies to get to know teachers’ perspectives on how adopting new technologies into their online courses can help them increase their efficiency and effectiveness. 

The key features of the advanced SwifDoo PDF software are:

  • Create and edit PDF documents.
  • Options to protect PDF files.
  • Quick and easy signing of files in PDF.
  • Comprehensive PDF converting features

Using SwifDoo PDF is very intuitive. The program will work great in an office environment, but it will also be appreciated by a teacher who creates a PDF, or performs other activities in which they will use all the functions for teaching purposes.

Most importantly, its Online PDF Converter allows you to comprehensively work with PDF converter on a computer, in a browser and on any other portable device. 

2. Google Classroom

If you are looking for effective digital collaboration between teachers and students, with the added benefit of paperless sharing, then Google Classroom is the most accessible tool. This is probably the most flexible digital organizer for assignments and class materials that any teacher can use online.

Teachers can also post announcements, reminders, chat with students individually via private chat, provide feedback, answer questions, and generally provide full support in the teacher-student relationship.

3. Mango Animation Maker

Mango Animation Maker provides an easy animation maker for teachers to make handy explainer videos. It comes with a suite of features that make it easy to put first on teacher’s list. Browse a library of professionally designed animated templates to start with. Mango will help teachers easily create professional animation for education in a time-efficient way.


Zoom has all the essential video conferencing features, making it a great tool for online teaching. You can invite participants using email or links, manage participants, screen share, chat. You can create breakout rooms, mute and mute any or all participants, and more.

Zoom is a great video conferencing tool that can help teachers communicate with students seamlessly. In addition to being a very popular group chat app, there are many free options available to you. You can automatically schedule meetings by connecting your calendar to Zoom as well.

In conclusion 

Learning is associated with something burdensome, unpleasant, boring and unnecessary. The lack of sense makes the students feel redundant. So, can a study planned in such a way, the distribution of material, the way of conducting lessons and the subjects imposed from above, achieve such a highly assumed effectiveness? I get the impression that every rational educator realizes that it is difficult to function in such a place. 

In order to promote paperless education, we recommend the extensive use of distance learning tools to reach as many people as possible. Teachers should understand and learn as much as possible how to use these tools. It can help them communicate better with students and improve the effectiveness of distance learning.

Praise the teachers who know why they work in their profession and love to teach and their students. we wish all schools to adopt those tools as much as possible. Those who will open the path for digitization and support paperless education at every step, passing on the right dose of knowledge. Those who will create an atmosphere that everyone would like. The teaching profession is not a simple matter. Many things contribute to the behavior of students and teachers, not everything is always as straightforward as it seems though.