Top 5 Attractions Of Agra For A Complete Experience

One of the most popular tourist destinations of the world is Agra. Thanks to the long list of Mughal masterpieces and the lush shores of Yamuna, it is one of the top cultural and historic places to visit.

Each structure of the land has an interesting story to share with the visitors. For enjoying the real Agra, here are the top five destinations to cover during your vacation.

1. Taj Mahal

Everyone who visits Agra will make it a point to visit this marble mausoleum, the romantic structure of the land. This world wonder is a perfect remainder of Persian and Mughal style architecture. This structure attracts more than 8 million tourists every year.

taj mahal

Carvings, geometrical patterns, lush Persian styled gardens, fountains and other structures inside the complex will make your visit more magical. Cover the streets around the monument for shopping local souvenirs like Taj Mahal miniature, marble items, Persian carpets, handicraft items and others.

2. Agra Fort

This red sandstone fort was the powerful seat of many Mughal rulers. The Agra fort was once a military structure and later was transformed into a beautiful palace complex enclosing numerous beautiful architectural attractions like Sheesh mahal, hall of public audience, hall of private audience, pearl mosque and so on. The entrance through which tourists are allowed to enter the fort was once a camouflage entrance to distract the approaching enemies.

3. Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah

This tomb is the inspiration for Taj Mahal. This is the first every marble structure of Agra, which was dedicated to the grandfather of Shah Jahan. When Shah Jahan’s wife died, he wanted to build something far more superior to his grandfather’s mausoleum and thus, the Taj Mahal was born. This baby Taj is famous for intricate carvings, cut stonework inlay, tomb gardens and so on.

4. Mehtab Bagh

Located right opposite to the marble paradise of Taj Mahal, this garden complex is the best place to get a grand view of Taj Mahal. This garden is open right from sunrise to sunset.

taj mahal

If you are looking for a lush time amidst fresh flora or a lazy picnic romantic time, this is the right place. Most importantly, this garden is the right place to get a complete view of Taj Mahal for photography.

5. Korai Village

Located right outside Agra, this small village is the right place to enjoy the local culture of the land. You can explore the village, enjoy the way they cook food, carry out daily activities and so on. The village inmates will be quite welcoming to the tourists. You can find numerous cultural activities performed by the locals for the tourists.

Agra is the heart of any North Indian vacation. Starting from luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Agra is an important destination covered in every itinerary. Thus, never miss Agra at any cost. If you don’t believe you can take a luxury train to Agra, just check about the palace on wheels review.