article What are the steps required for writing a Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the most prominent platform that has the highest reading audience all around the world. It is a digital encyclopedia that provides authentic and reliable information to its audience. Wikipedia is an open platform that allows anyone to publish their content. However, the publishing process goes through a number of stages in order to get accepted by the Wikipedia moderators. It is because of the fact that there is a huge bulk of people asking for permissions to upload their content of Wikipedia platform. However, all this crowd gathers with reliable as well as nonreliable names. Therefore, through perfect rules and steps, the Wikipedia platform filters the most reliable writer to publish their content.

In this article, you will learn about the steps that are required to make a perfect Wikipedia article. Following are the five main steps that you need to understand for getting your article to publish in the Wikipedia community. Through these guidelines, you will not require to hire any best wikipedia page creation serviceyou can easily prepare the article on your own.

  1. Choose the right Topic

Wikipedia is an online platform that allows unique content. If a person wants to publish an article that has a similar topic to the previous one than the Wikipedia moderator will instantly reject the submission. This is why it is necessary for the writer to go through the searching phase on the Wikipedia platform to find that if your decided topic is unique or not. If you find anything similar to that topic, change the topic instantly as it will ultimately be rejected by the authorities.

  • Research the Topic

Wikipedia only allows reliable information on its platform. It is because the platform is known for this fact and people expect to learn from the trusted informative content of Wikipedia. Therefore, If you are willing to make an article for Wikipedia, then it is necessary to add all the information which is authentic from different reliable source. Hence, before you start writing a topic, make sure you go through a thorough research process. Do not consider it as an extra activity. It is the premium and the most important step that leads your way to publish an article on Wikipedia.

  • Follow the Format

Soon, after you make an account on Wikipedia, a screen open on the platform, that describes all the rules and regulations needed to cater while writing an article for Wikipedia. Read all the points carefully and understand them before writing the article. It is necessary because Wikipedia is extremely strict about its rules and regulations and they are the source of your article acceptance and rejection.

One more thing that can help you is the reading of existing articles. If you read more and more articles on Wikipedia, then you will get to know the tone that is accepted and also the flow of the article.

  • Add proper referencing

If you read a Wikipedia article, you will find a bulk of hyperlinks and references. It is because these citations are a source of content authenticity and reliability. Therefore, it is necessary for you to add all the references in your article once you are done with the writing process. Moreover, it is significant for the writer to save all the links of sites from where they are collecting the information for the article otherwise, the writer gets into trouble once he or she left all the sites and start researching from the beginning.

  • Review before submission

Once you get rejected for a topic, it is difficult to get your article accepted on the Wikipedia platform, therefore, it is necessary for the publisher to check the complete article in detail. On Wikipedia, there is a window called ‘Sandbox’ which is designated for the end editing of the article. You can write all your content there and start editing according to the requirements. The reason to use this window is because of its advantage to provide an environment which will be the same as it will be after the article gets published.

  • Wait for the response

After you submit your article on the Wikipedia platform you have to wait until the Wikipedia moderators thoroughly check and respond to your submission. If you have added all the requirements and followed all the rules and regulations, then there is no chance that your article gets rejected.


Writing a Wikipedia article has become the requirement of business as well as individuals in order to get recognized around the world. However, low acceptance ratio of this platform demands the publishers to be active towards the learning of tools and techniques that can help them entering the Wikipedia community easily. Therefore, by following the above-mention six significant steps, anyone can make their article publish on the Wikipedia platform.