An Essay on My Role Model

A lot of people may inspire you on social media or real life. However, there are always a few ones in your life whom you seriously follow. Your heart starts craving for their personalities which you keenly observe. Every person has unique characteristics,but you find the qualities of your role model as distinctive and attractive. For me, a role model is who gets all of your attention and have a significant impact on your life.

My role models are my parents whom I adore from my childhood. I would like to start by describing the nature of my mother and her ambitions. She gives away the positive vibe which makes everyone want to be around her. She always looks for ways to be happier than before which she simply does by spreading smiles on the faces of her husband and children. I had to spend a few years of my life in a hostel and what I missed the most was her love, care, and positivity. She keeps me motivated in my life to do better things which lead to a contented life.

Moreover, she is very kind, trustworthy, and sincere. I have never seen her lying to others. Even if she lies, it is either to save the other person from getting hurt or to make him feel good. As she is the source of my happiness and motivation, the worst thing for me is to see my mother sad. I would do anything in my power to see her happy and cheerful again. I have also found my mother quite welcoming and friendly. She won’t ever give a fake smile to impress anyone but the way she interacts with others make them fall in love with her there and then.

My father is another beautiful soul whom I consider my role model. He is so generous and helpful to everyone that it even makes me surprised at times. He won’t ever hesitate from helping anyone even if the person has done any wrong to him in the past. He also tries to transfer his generosity to his children by telling us that this world can be a much better place to live if we treat each other with love, kindness, and generosity.

Furthermore, my father is a hardworking person. He doesn’t belong to a well-off family but he worked with determination and honesty to have his own home and everything else. He also knows how to keep a balance between work and family which makes the environment of our home quite peaceful. I have even seen him helping my mother in daily house chores like preparing breakfast for us, washing dishes, and so many more. It all inspires me to become a gentle young man for my family and society in the future.

So, conclusion can be drawn from this essay writing samples is that everyone has someone to look up to as a role model. To me, they are none other than my parents. I see them so closely everyday which makes me believe that I am truly blessed by God in so many ways.