Amazing Features of Vidmate

More than in real-time, the generation today loves on the internet. From the start of their day till they sleep, a youngster invest majority time in surfing through their phone screen. The trend of online videos is one of the causes of this inclination towards it. Apart from strangers, the internet has also attracted other generations, from a child to an old man; the content on internet caters everyone. It has nursery rhymes that could engage the child, news highlights for the middle generation and devotional prayer that interests the old aged people. Thus internet, especially videos streaming over the network is the root cause of the shift of the population on internet. 

Keeping this in mind, the network also plays a very important role. You might not be able to get access to a video until you are connected to the internet or in a good-network-zone. You could consider this as a disadvantage of streaming videos online, but this disadvantage is no more the concern for you if you love watching videos online.  Vidmate video downloading mobile application allows you to download videos from anywhere and tune-in with them even in the no service network area. Vidmate app has multiple features that cater your needs like –

✓ User friendly interface
Vidmate app has designed with the motive of enabling a good video watching experience for its users thus, it is an easy and user friendly interface. It allows you to download select the video quality before downloading. The control is completely in your hands. You could download the video in low quality, SD quality or HD quality, depending upon your preferences.

✓ Vidmate is a dedicated video downloading application; it is 200% more fast in comparison to the other apps. You could download videos of any quality with good speed using vidmate 2018.

✓ Security of your device is a must. Vidmate feature make sure that downloading video is safe and Secure on your devices should not harm the system of them this is a safe platform.

✓It allows you to set any default media players to stream the videos that could be downloaded in any contemporary format.

✓Another interesting feature of Vidmate is that it allows you to download video from multiple sources simultaneously. You don’t need to wait for one video to download, to start the downloading of the other one. It saves your time and enables you to stream multiple videos in a day.

✓Not just downloading, but Vidmate allows you to stream to the live videos as well.

✓To download Vidmate or videos on the Vidmate 2018 video downloader mobile app, you do not need to have a Google account. Since it could be downloaded in APK format, you are not required to have an account with on Google.

✓It allows you to pause and resume downloading. If you pause a video from downloading, you do not have to restart it all over again by just resuming it would download from where you paused.

✓Another feature of Vidmate app is that is enables you to secure your personal video with passcodes, so that you could restrict the viewership of people.

You could enjoy all these features in the Vidmate video downloading mobile app and stream unlimited online videos, even without an internet connectivity.