How Does an Air-Cooled Chiller System Work?

Air-Cooled Chiller System

Human creativity is taking a new turn every moment. As a result, day by day, life is becoming easier. Among all innovations, the air-cooled chiller system is one of them. It is a special refrigeration system used in industrial and commercial places to cool fluids and dehumidify the air. Want to know more about this exclusive system? Here it is!

Air-cooled chillers effectively assimilate heat from measured water; they then, at that point move this warmth into the air around the chiller unit. This kind of unit is normally utilized in

regions where extra warmth release isn’t an issue, yet rather fills in as an advantage. For example, the extra warmth can be utilized to warm a space throughout the colder time of year for less cash than customary warming frameworks.

What Makes the Air Cooled Chiller System a Great Choice?

The exclusively manufactured air-cooled chiller system is utilized in numerous settings that range from hotels to manufacturing plants. It has proved to be a great choice for both permanent infrastructures as well as one-time events. Along with being compact and efficient, the system is easy in terms of installation too. Also, it can be carried from one place to the other.

Below is the detailed description regarding the functioning of an air-cooled chiller system:

  • The chillers absorb heat from the processed water actively
  • Afterward, the heat is transferred in the air all around the chiller unit
  • The starting of the cycle starts with the evaporator
  • The heat is absorbed from the water that circulates
  • The pulling of the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator takes place with the compressor
  • The tasking of the compressor with the condenser helps in increasing pressure and temperature

The refrigerant in the air-cooled chiller system condenses during the process, finally releasing the internal heat into the air. For completing the cycle, the refrigerant flows back to the water coils in a chilled condition where the heat gets absorbed.

How Air Cooled Chiller V/S Water Cooled Chiller?

Do you know how air cooled chiller system differs from a water-cooled chiller system? For your kind information, both systems work similarly. Both of them have the following components in common:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve

The only difference is in terms of component that is being used by both. One uses air, whereas the other uses water for cooling purposes. Also, some minute differences that exist include the following:

Though every chiller demands minimum maintenance for optimum performance, air cooled chiller system is are easier and less expensive in terms of maintenance. Air-cooled chiller systems hardly require a condenser water pump or cooling tower

These are some vital points that help in making the chiller system highly demandable today. Various types of air-cooled chillers include the following:

  • Stationary chillers – These chillers prove to be of immense help where excessive heat hardly stands out to be an issue
  • Portable chillers – As crystal clear from the name, these units can be carried from one place to another. In terms of functionality, they are flexible and efficient

In an air-cooled chiller, hot refrigerant entering the condenser is presented to climatic air which dismisses the warmth before it gathers back to its fluid state. Then again, in a water-cooled chiller, hot refrigerant gas is shipped off a water-cooled heat exchanger or condenser, and the refrigerant is cooled utilizing water from a cooling tower. For a superior agreement, figure out how cooling pinnacles and chillers cooperate.

What is the Right Place to Install Air Cooled Chiller Systems?

This is a common question that hovers in the minds of every buyer. For better outcomes, air-cooled chillers are located in rooms that are mechanically equipped. In some exceptional industrial settings, the air-cooled chiller system is kept nearby where cooling takes place. It depends on the size of the compressor.

In the case of few places, the air-cooled chiller system is was placed outside. The placement depends on the utility along with necessity. If you are unable to conclude, then you may take the assistance of a certified cooling professional. High efficiency, flexibility, and environmental friendly are some additional advantages that make these systems highly popular today.

Wrapping up

To enjoy a better outcome,  you must ensure that the system has been placed in the right place.  Only then it will become easy to keep the heat at bay and enjoy a cool temperature.