Advantage and Disadvantage to Assemble PC Yourself

assemble pc

Personal computers are a necessity in today’s advanced age. No business, no matter how small or large, cannot thrive without proper desktop computer systems. They are the need of time. But things have changed now. Gone are the days when people used to buy already assembled personal computers. Technology has reached every corner of the world; people are knowledgeable and enlightened about the different parts of computers. They know how to make and which components to use to build a fast and reliable computer.

But like anything else, assembling a personal computer yourself contains some advantages and disadvantages. We have arranged all the pros and cons of building your personal computer to help you in case you are planning to make one for yourself. Let’s dive in and have a look at each of the advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages of Assembling Your Personal Computer

1. Customized Components

Building your personal computer allows you to use components that you want to use. Pre-built computers often do not use better quality components, so you never know how long they will last. Few computer manufacturers allow you to choose the parts you like, but they still use those they have deals with. While on the other hand, if you build your personal computer, you have the freedom of using high-end components that you can get your hands on. It is also a great way to know which parts work best and which ones have poor quality.

2. Freedom To Upgrade

It is another fantastic benefit of assembling your personal computer. If you know it is time to upgrade the computer components; you know the specifications of the motherboard, you can upgrade at any time you want. For example, you think you need to upgrade the RAM or need a new video card, you need to buy a new one and replace it with the old one. If you purchase a pre-built personal computer, it is hard to decide which components your computer needs. Some manufacturers use proprietary parts, which means you can get the upgrades only through them. So upgrading it yourself is the most pocket-friendly option.

3. It Is Cheaper

Believe it or not, this is the way cheaper to build your personal computer rather than buying are pre-built one. You may buy all the components at a more affordable rate and assemble them yourself. Some high-end parts are expensive, but you can be flexible with the specifications and bring down the costs of a personal computer. You can also reduce the labor cost, usually attached to the total price of pre-built computers. Some parts come with a warranty, and some of these warranties last longer than the typical computer we purchase from the market.

Besides, you can always replace the components and try new manufactures. You do not have to be stick with one manufacturer of motherboard, processors, or power supply units. It is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to experience new things and learn about different manufactures’ computer components.

Disadvantages of Assembling Your Personal Computer

1. It Requires Time And Effort

Unlike any pre-built personal computer system, you have to do everything from zero to build your computer. If you buy a computer from the market, you can bring it home and it will up and running within minutes. But if you decide to build a personal computer yourself, you have to research the components, order them and then wait for them to arrive. However, there is nothing too technical about assembling these parts, but you still have to spend hours assembling every part at the right place. You might also need some technical help with this task. So watch out and decide if you are ready to consume all your energies for this or not.

2. Technical Knowledge Required

It is the most crucial part of assembling a personal computer. If you do not have technical knowledge of assembling a computer, you cannot build it yourself. There are multiple articles available online to help you with this, but still, if you lack technical knowledge, you might not be able to do it yourself.

If you do not know which types of drivers to use or where specific cables should connect, you will end up having a system that will not work up to your expectations. It is indeed the main reason why many people prefer to buy pre-build personal computers to have the best end-user experience. So think before you decide to build a PC yourself; if you can do it like a pro, go for it.

3. No Help Available For Troubleshooting

If you decide you build a PC, you are usually on your own. If any issues arise, you may not get any support or troubleshooting help from anyone. However, if you purchase a pre-built personal computer from the market, it usually comes with troubleshooting help and support. Manufacturers help you if any problem occurs and even find and replace the faulty parts. But unfortunately, this is not available if you build your personal computer. Any lack of prior technical knowledge will only worsen the situation. You have to search online to find the fault or need to talk to several technicians to help you with the problem.

4. No Warranty Of Components

No matter which manufacture’s computer parts you use, everything is prone to fail. Sooner or later, the computer parts will fail or malfunction. If you buy a personal computer from a manufacturer, you will have the parts’ warranty, and they will be replaced for free or with minimal charges. But if you build a PC yourself, you may not have the guarantee of computer parts. It is indeed very frustrating if you come across this situation. So manage accordingly.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are ready to put all the effort and time into assembling a personal computer yourself, go for it. But if it is the other way around, think twice and make a decision you will not regret later.