5 Reasons Why to Think Digital For Advanced Education

The concept of learning has changed in various ways over the past few years. Once it was a delight to attend classes at school or college. Sitting in lecture halls amongst hundreds of students just to attend the class from your favorite professor. Traveling kilometers to attend school. All such things were quite normal for students. But as personalized learning, flexibility and convenience gained more importance, studying online became the preferred learning method amongst the students. 

Now students prefer learning in compact batches. They need personalized attention from the instructor. They prefer tracking their learning progress throughout the course. Moreover, they prefer innovative learning in a virtual environment on a shared whiteboard rather than in a physical environment with textbooks and blackboard. In other words, we can say that we are a part of the digital era where students can access education from anywhere and at any time. This education technology is effective, convenient, low cost and has no geographical boundaries. 

Advanced Education

Thinking Digital

Therefore, thinking digital should now be basic for advanced education. Let us further explore why digital education is gaining huge momentum these days. But before that, here are some important statistics that prove the same: 

  • According to Forbes, E-learning can enhance the retention rates of students up to 60%
  • In America, more than 30% of the students have enrolled in at least one online course
  • Out of the top 25 universities of the US, 22 are now offering free online courses 
  • EdSurge has reported that more than 3 million students are pursuing higher education in online mode only 
  • The E-learning industry has now grown more than 900% since 2000

Aren’t these facts fascinating? They are a clear indication that we are moving towards the digitisation of education at a fast pace. But why is everyone preferring online learning? One of the obvious reasons could be the pandemic, which has made us stay at homes even if we do not want to. We should feel lucky that online learning became popular before the pandemic and our kids had the option of learning online despite the despair all around the world.

Here are some other critical reasons why it is basic for advanced education to think digital. 

1. Learning that can be done from anywhere 

One of the most efficient advantages of online learning is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. There are certain basic requirements for online learning such as consistent internet connection, electricity and a smart device or a computer. If you have these three things, you can pursue your course from anywhere.

This feature is also advantageous for learners who are pursuing their jobs as well. They can study in the evening or at night and work during the day, allowing them to progress in every situation.  

2. Student-centred learning 

Are you a quick learner or you need some time to grasp a new topic? Do you need to study a topic again and again until you are sure about it? Every learner has their own learning

style and online learning values. With e-learning, you can watch a lesson any number of times. This is unlike physical learning where you had only one chance to attend the lecture in the classroom and you had to understand the concept in that lecture only. If you fail to do so, the class would move on further and you will have to find a way to clarify your doubts. 

Online learning gives you a chance to study how much you want in a day and at what pace you want to learn. You might not want to study the whole chapter in a single class. You might need to re-watch a concept to ensure that you have understood it. On some days you might not have the time to attend the class or you might fall sick, then, you can continue the class from the day after and you will not miss anything out. 

3. Money is no issue! 

Online courses are easy to afford. It is unlike getting a degree from a university or graduating from high school where you have to give a separate tuition fee for each academic year. Online learning gives you a variety of payment options as well where you can pay in instalments also. Sometimes you may also find good discounts and scholarships. For instance, many beginner-level courses at Udemy are for free. Similarly, skillshare also offers free sign up for one month where learners can access courses for free. 

Not only this, online learning enables you to save money for commute and study materials. You need not buy any books as you can study from ebooks, PDFs and notes that are offered along with the online course. Mostly, the online courses include online reading materials which cost nothing. Therefore, we can say that online learning is a money-saving option. 

4. Variety of learning options 

Whether it be designing, computer science, accountancy, finance or history, you can study everything online today and gain all kinds of skills you desire. There are courses available from various universities all across the world which gives you a chance to study from wherever you want. This is unlike obtaining an offline degree as in such cases there is often a tight competition in getting admission to your desired college or university. 

Learning online provides you with an opportunity to gain a recognised degree without stepping into college. You may put the same on your resume and showcase an edge over other candidates. For instance, Coursera offers more than 3000 unlimited courses and 100000 courses with more than 24 million students. 

5. Much effective than offline learning 

Virtual learning is more engaging than physical classroom learning. This is because it offers a variety of learning styles. In physical classrooms, students are restricted to chalk and blackboard. Although digitisation of classrooms offers a plethora of learning options to students. Online learning is still engaging and interesting. Students can access video lessons, photos, ebooks and a variety of innovative learning materials such as flashcards and mindmaps. They can track their learning progress every day, participate in quizzes, solve puzzles and do a lot more which makes their learning fun and intriguing. 

Sara, an assignment expert at MyAssignmentHelp4u, says, “students often get access to online forums, where they can initiate discussions, ask questions and provide solutions. They can connect with fellow learners from all across the globe hence enhancing their network and expanding their understanding of different cultures, languages and people.”


Virtual learning is popular among students worldwide because it offers flexibility. Students can access their courses from anywhere and can schedule their learning based on their capabilities and capacity. Online learning is affordable and can be quite engaging for the students. It provides multiple learning ways to the students. In all, we can conclude that digital learning is the new normal for students these days and this is why it is basic for advanced education to think digital.