8 Most Significant Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

“Content builds relationships. Relationship is built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” — Andrew Davis

Content marketing is more one of the smartest investments you make in marketing your business. It is the heart of most digital marketing campaigns and has the ability to connect with the audience. Relevant and valuable are the two factors which drive the trust of the audience and connects them with the brand. It doesn’t matter how fast you go with your campaigns, but one wrong step in marketing can lead you on a different path than success.

Building a strong content strategy is something which can give you a head start of the track, but sometimes marketers can fail to build a successful marketing plan. Well, it is no surprise that crafting a content marketing strategy and executing it can be overwhelming.  But avoiding certain missteps can lead you to your destination.

Discussed below are eight comment content marketing mistakes that need to be avoided at all times. Whether you are a newbie in marketing or a successful entrepreneur, these mistakes can seriously damage your business success.

  1. Not using the collected data to build your strategy

Many companies create their editorial calendar by “brainstorming” content ideas for the upcoming year. Where that is a great way to start, it can sometimes make your content irrelevant for the audience. 

There is another step that you need to take before brainstorming ideas—that is research and analyse the collected data. This doesn’t only help you to stay ahead of your game, but it drives more ROI. Choose the topics which are most relevant for your brand and create content that can attract more viewers.

  • Not knowing your audience

Never start without defining who you are selling to. To know your audience, you can ask the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How does your content solve their problem?
  • Does your content provide value to your target audience?

Answering each question can help you to understand how to position your article. Identifying your audience can benefit in planning your content ideas which are most relatable for the audience.

  • Not determining your content marketing goals

Unless you are selling candy or other things as such, customers will not trust your brand to make a purchase. You need to spread brand awareness so the customers can understand they have a problem which can be solved with your product. You need to find their problems to be able to provide them solutions so they can make a decision to purchase your products. You need to determine the goals behind every piece of content which is to drive the customers to make a decision and become loyal buyers.

  • Not counting for SEO

SEO drives ten times more traffic to your website than any other marketing channel and prioritising SEO to be your very first marketing channel to invest can result in better business growth.

  • Failing to account for link building

The number of links from external websites is one of the basic factors which results in better rankings on search engines. You must take your time to build relationships with other websites containing similar content and offer them value. Try asking them to link back to your previous content to see the magic happen.

  • Getting your facts wrong

Facts are the foundation which builds the trust of the audience. Misquoting or analysing can lower down your brand’s credibility and lose trustin your prospects which can be impossible to gain back.

You want people to see you as an advisor and making your content information can be helpful. Make use of platforms such as Wikipedia to gain the trust of the audience. All you need to do is to make a Wiki page to nurture your clients and turn them to your loyal customers.

  • Not reviewing the performance of your marketing strategy

The biggest mistake that you can make in content marketing is not evaluating the results or the performance of the content. You need to take your time and review your marketing performance to make sure it is providing you with the expected results

  • Not benefitting from outside experts

Where marketing is a significant part of your business, your business process and services arethe priority that you need to focus on. If you don’t have an in-house marketing team, you need to make sure to ask for help from external sources to benefit the most from your business. You can hire marketers and content strategists to be able to develop a successful marketing plan for your business.

Final thoughts

Content marketing is no doubt the best way to get inbound traffic I to your site and generate more leads. It helps in building credibility and online authority as well as build organic traffic if done correctly. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when crafting a marketing plan so you it can lead you to your destination.