Have you ever heard about developer tools? These are highly helpful for the developers, especially for those who have just entered this field. Devtools are extremely generous to make your development process simple and easy. It is a set of tools that offers its users the opportunity to modify and examine how these codes work in the development process. All the browsers contain dev tools set, but these are different from each other. Therefore, most of the users prefer using Chrome Devtools.

This toolset is very easy to use for all the developers. They can use it to check the code of their developed website. In this way, developers can know about the errors or bugs in their project instantly. They can look for the solution and modify the errors. If a user does not like any part, he can make some changes as per the requirement. No doubt, these Devtools are designed to offer a variety of advantages. Some of the best chrome Devtools tips are here that can help you use these tools efficiently.

1.            Instant file swapping

It is possible for those who are using Sublime Text. They need to use its intersection, “Go to anything.” It is good news for the developers who cannot live without using this intersection that the chrome dev tools set contain this overlay. So, you can instantly search and open your required page in your developed website by clicking on the combination of two keys Ctrl plus P. This is an easy-to-use tip for the developers who want to get access to their project without delaying things.

2.            Search the files through code

To find the files available on the website, you need to look for the source code search. It will help you to access the precise cord. With the use of this procedure, a user can get access to systematic expressions. It is a matter of a few minutes, and you can complete your search by pressing a combination of keys, and these are Ctrl plus Shift plus F.

3.            Quick Print and screenshot extension

So, you will love to enjoy the pretty print trait that your browser offers. Yes, chrome boasts this built-in trait that gives ease to all its developers. They can perform this task very merely by modifying the codes’ format that they have reduced by pressing {}.

Moreover, you can go for screenshot extension chromethat offers you to view how your website is working from start to end. You can easily deal with the problems by getting the screenshots in the procedure of loading the page. It is simple to capture the screenshot of the page and press ctrl R to refresh the page. It will display the result.

4.            Change HTML component

Page authoring can be much quicker and simpler with the use of this tip. It lets the user utilize the features and tags without having the code acknowledgement. The use of this HTML editor helps update your project and get the backing of the modern and recent tech online. All these editors are not similar, and there are some differences in them. Select DOM and choose any of the components by pressing it twice, and you will open the tag to modify it. You will view the changes in your Chrome automatically.

5.       CSS in HTML and editor

All the developers need to develop a website as per the modern features and trends. If you use this CSS property editor, it will help you update your project over time. In this way, developers can gain uniformity in designing. You can modify the CSS that can offer your several options to change and create its format. Moreover, there is an option of codes that are not heavy for your website. In this way, it can be quick in downloading. If you want to make your website search-engine friendly, then editing CSS property is highly beneficial.

Developers can change it and check its results by previewing it. You can choose the component that you need to modify and as per your panel design. By pressing change, you will get the result that you desire.

6.       Access to specific Line

Yes, you can go to the line that you need to access. It is simple and easy for all the developers to save their time in searching the exact string. By clicking on ctrl and O, they can go to the line number. Do not forget to give the line number with a combination of keys.

7.       Color picker

Get access to the standard palette of colors here. This tool tip is suitable for those who want to bring colors from the style sheet of the webpage. It allows low-code development. Press the color block option and get access to it. The use of this tool is effortless and comfortable for the majority of the developers.

8.       Security alerts acknowledgement

The use of this panel is constructive for the majority of the developers. Make sure that your TLS or SSL credentials are effective. It is incredibly beneficial to debug migrations of HTTPS and instantly to manage the notices. It allows you to act as per the content warning. Refresh your project by clicking on ctrl R. Get details on your screen about the security alerts.


Developers can make amendments in their codes without deleting any of them. No doubt, this tool offers a real-time solution for the developers. If you want to develop an up-to-date website, you need to use these Chrome Devetools tips to make your work easy and dynamic. Developers get the benefit of accessing the console that offers ease to give codes of javascript. These are ideal for modifying the page conduct on which a developer is performing. It is good to help you when you are going to fix the codes.

These are not only for the developers. Only some other professionals related to digital marketing  can get benefits to form it. All the designers, search engine optimizers and professionals can use these tools to check the website’s design and its plethora.

Consequently, it is essential to design websites that can offer the best user experience. No doubt, these Chrome Devtools tips can make you a professional developer.