6 Ways to Earn Extra Cash during Your Spare Time

Extra Cash

Everyone wants cash to survive. Money has become an indispensable commodity to run our daily life as all our necessities are reliant on the income we get. No matter how rich we happened to be, we all would have felt the pinch of being cash-strapped at some point in our lives. During such days we would have wondered what if we had used our spare time productively.

Famous American artist Andy Warhol said once “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” So money defines everything – from your social status to even finding you a good company to live along with. Not many are fortunate enough to get that ideal job of ours that fulfils all our necessities. The world is becoming increasingly Darwinian. It’s important we utilize whatever spare time that we get and convert it into money in order to meet our ever-increasing demands.

Without further ado, we are spilling the beans on some easy activities that can allow us to earn cash. Carefully discern which suits you the most and get started without wasting any time further.

Write articles

One of the easiest ways to make money is by writing articles through various freelance sites. Writers are in huge demand these days. Many websites and brands need content writers to come up with unique and trendy contents to market their products. Considering the various limitations in hiring regular writers to get the job done, they outsource the project to freelance writers and pay them a good sum of money. To ensure this connection, there are many websites like Freelancer.com, upwork.com, where you can sign up and meet your potential match. There are so many people who earn thousands of dollars every month by writing articles in their spare time. 

Sell your pictures

If you are someone who is interested in photography, this is for you. If you can a high quality snap of a landmark or a cityscape or a monument, you have a chance to market them to agencies like Shutterstock, Photobucket, and Deposit Photos. These agencies display your images to potential buyers, if they are interested in your stuffs, then you get paid on commission basis.


If you are good in any academics – be it maths, science or language, then you can consider this profession. Tutors are in huge demand these days thanks to emerging systems like homebased schooling. You can either conduct classroom sessions or register with online tutoring platforms like urbanpro, through which you can conduct sessions online. If you are so confident about your expertise in your chosen field, then you can even develop some e-courses for it and market it online. E-courses have a niche audience these days.

Play Rummy Online

If you are someone who is interested in fun that comes with a challenge, online rummy is for you. Rummy is a simple game that can be enjoyed by one and all. Not only it’s fun but it’s also challenging as you need to employ your skills and strategies in order to win the game. With the advent of so many online rummy sites and rummy mobile apps, players have a plethora of options to choose from. And these sites offer the players a truck load of opportunities to win real cash prizes.

Work Part-time in food ordering and delivery industry

The roads of India are a sea of red, orange and black these days, as the food ordering and delivery industries like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEATS grow in size. There are growing reports that employment in these industries is one of the most lucrative ones available for youngsters seeking part time jobs. You can simply work for 3-4 hours and make as much as money as what your day job provides.