6 Hygiene Myths You Must Stop Obeying

Hygiene Myths you should AvoidPersonal hygiene is a super important thing to acquire for everyone in their lives. There’s no way you can live a healthy life without it. But the problem in this world is that there are several myths that people follow, I don’t know from where they were originated. Of course, there are two types of myths: one is of the type that has a neutral outcome, and the other is the one with a negative outcome. There are hygiene myths that can seriously hurt your health and you must stop following them completely.

People of older times like our ancestors usually tell these things that have nothing related to reality but we still follow them without paying attention to the facts. But today, I’m going to tell you about those myths, explain why they are wrong, and also let you know the right way to take care of your personal hygiene. Are you ready? Great, let’s roll!

Use Hand Sanitizers Only

To disinfect your hands, you shouldn’t be using sanitizers only when you have water and soap available. You must keep your hand sanitizers on the last priority because you don’t want those products on your hands more often. People use them as an obligation as if without it, they can’t disinfect their hands. Hand sanitizers or hand disinfectants have alcohol in them that kills the bacteria. But they have more drawbacks such as they make your hands extremely dry and kills even the good bacteria. 

After the use of these products, you can’t come even near to fire or your hand will catch it immediately. You should use hand sanitizers only when there’s no other choice. Always keep soap and water on your first priority. 

Hygiene is Everyone’s Personal Matter

Nope! That’s not true. When it comes to hygiene, you don’t just look at yourself but people around you as well. You can’t stay hygienically ill and expect others around you to stay alright. It’s not a personal thing but it’s definitely a social thing that you should take care of. Stop being smelly with bad breath and don’t wear dirty clothes if you want to live in a society or else you’re gonna transfer all this to the surrounding people. 

Also, you might have noticed that when you’re alone with bad hygiene, you don’t feel bad about yourself. But the moment you have to come in front of others, you feel ashamed and you hesitate to the extreme. This is because bad hygiene will destroy your confidence and make you feel bad about yourself in front of others. So, it’s not a personal matter, it’s a social matter. 

Having Bad Breath is Related to Bad Hygiene

Bad breath is not always caused due to bad hygiene. If you’re having a bad breath, then it may be caused by bad oral hygiene, of course, but this isn’t always true. There are several other factors that cause this. For example, when you eat some food, the food particles might get stuck around your teeth causing your breath to stink. Also, if you eat garlic or onion, then after digestion, they get entered into your bloodstream which when gets to your lungs, affects your breath. 

Bad breath is also caused by using tobacco products like cigarettes or cigars. Maybe you don’t brush and floss your teeth and don’t use a mouthwash daily which is causing this. It can also happen because of some medications and infections in your mouth as well. 

Washing Hair Every Day is Necessary

Your parents and ancestors might have told you that they’ve been washing their hair every day and everything was perfect. But that’s not what you should follow. It’s not necessary to wash your hair every day, in fact, it is bad for your hair sometimes. Your hair might not be in a condition that they could afford to get hit by chemicals every single day. 

Maybe they’re not just that type or maybe your scalp isn’t healthy enough. When you shampoo your hair every day, your hair doesn’t get enough time to have natural oils in it that are extremely necessary for it. Shampoos wash away the natural oils and make your hair super dry which is not good for the health of both your hair and scalp. 

Popping a Pimple is Okay

Of course, not! It’s an “eww” thing to do. Yes, I know that it is satisfying to see your pimple popping because you’ll no longer see it but that’s not the case. By popping your pimple, you’re actually creating a much bigger wound that your body has to heal. This happens because when we squeeze the pimple to get the pus out, the pus also gets much deeper than its actual position causing more inflammation on the skin. 

Choose for yourself whether you want to pop your pimples or just wait for them to vanish at the right time. When a pimple vanishes on its own, it leaves nothing behind and your skin gets clear again. 

Shower Every Day

This is totally something you wouldn’t want to do after you know what happens because of it. I’m not saying that it’s totally wrong to do it because we know, in summer, there’s a need to shower every day. You can’t stay sweaty and not take a shower the whole day. But know that when you take a shower, your body gets dry and all the natural oil comes off since you use soap. Instead of only using anti-bacterial soaps, you must consider using moisturizing soaps that you can easily buy from a store. 

Make sure that you buy the ones packed in paper soap sleeve boxes because these boxes show the amazing quality of the soaps. Top soap brands buy these boxes from Dawn Printing to ensure quality and durability. Using these soaps, you can shower every day but still, don’t overdo it if you don’t want to suffer something unwanted. 


Personal hygiene is your obligation. It’s your duty that you have to fulfill and there must be no compromise in it. Not taking care of your hygiene will result in diseases that you probably don’t want in your life. Of course, you will badly ruin your life if you keep on staying dirty and smelly all the time. Not only people around you are going to like you but you’ll start hating yourself too. Stop being lazy, get up, and groom yourself. Make sure that you don’t believe in these myths. Follow the truth! Don’t believe everything your friends and family say about hygiene. Do your own research, seek the truth, and follow that. Your health and looks will definitely thank you.