5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Spring is only a month away, but there is no guarantee that the weather will catch up with the season, depending on where you live. However, changing up the shape of your home will not only fit with the season of new life, but also create a warmer environment that brightens up the atmosphere until the temperatures reach their appropriate setting.

This process involves several steps, which include storing away accommodations that are more associated with the colder parts of the year, as well as decorating with colors and material that adds brightness and the right atmosphere to your apartment or house. Here are five ways to refresh your home for spring.

Spring Cleaning

Before you start moving around furniture or putting up decorations, you’ll need to get rid of grime and dirt that could stick to replacements and create an even bigger mess that will take more time and effort to take care of later on. You’ll need to do some spring cleaning both inside and outside your home, as the winter leaves more dirt and dust behind than other seasons.

Parts of the home that you’ll need to check on include bedding, curtains and rugs. If you live with someone, whether they’re a roommate, spouse and/or children, having a helping hand can help take care of different parts of the home at once. You could look for dirt around mirrors, cabinets and sinks while the other person vacuums under and around beds and couches.

Store Winter Accessories

Certain items are more suited for particular times of the year, and in order to figure out which ones are best suited for spring, you must first get rid of what is more appropriate for winter. While the heavy pillows and thick blankets are comfortable all-year round, you won’t need them once the temperatures start to rise. In addition, the more you use them, the more you’ll need to clean them.

A variety of storage places are suitable for these blankets, pillows and curtains for the holidays, such as dresser drawers that tend to hold less clothes than others, or chests that you can keep under your bed. Closets in your room or other parts of your home can also keep these items in good condition for next winter.

Decorate with Colorful Additions

Next, you’ll need to add items that liven up the setting, and professionals such as this vinyl siding installer know just the right designs, surfaces and colors that match with the upcoming season. They will recommend that you stick with bright and pleasant colors that contrast with those often associated with the fall and winter.

This step may also require bathroom remodeling and checking on other rooms, as it helps to have all of the rooms match up with their designs. Harmony is among the most common themes associated with spring, and having similar atmospheres in different parts of your home helps make guests feel warm and welcome when they come over for your first outdoor get-together.

Become One with Nature

The disappearance of snow and the trees turning green means that we get to breath in fresh air and experience the good side of nature. One way to take this feeling to the next level is by incorporating the outdoors within your home. This can be done with vases full of flowers, or bowls of fruits for residents and guests as snacks.

You can go even further by sticking fresh leaves from the front and backyard to the walls in your bedroom, as well as wrapping vines and branches around your bed posts to make you feel like you are sleeping in the trees. It helps to keep an eye on fresh leaves and branches in the meantime, as some can be in better shape and stick around more than others.

Rearrange Shelves

One of the qualities of homes that mortgage services and real estate agents are able to sell on is the placement of certain items throughout the residence. Wherever your bed or shelves are positioned in your rooms can affect how easy it is for you to move around, get what you need at the moment, and relax on your downtime.

We recommend creating as much space as possible, which is what most people think of when they first venture out into nature when spring arrives due to the vast amount of land and environments nature provides. This could mean placing drawers and beds in different corners, as well as placing bookshelves, seashells and vases on top of them to add to the scenery.

Keep these tips in mind so that you start spring off comfy, warm and energized.