5 Tips on Writing Marketing Content that Drives Business Value

Content marketing is an absolute necessity for business survival. If you do content marketing, chances are that you know how important it is to automate everything you can to speed up your work.

This is how the business value of your business is measured based on online factors, prioritized from the most important:

  1. Product
  2. Branding
  3. Content
  4. Advertising
  5. Sales
  6. Customer Service

Now, why is content third in this list? It’s because content builds trust between the business and the customer. The product should be excellent and in demand. The branding makes you stand out. The content, on the other hand, makes you the go-to resource for your industry. Not only will people go to you for information, it also gives you a chance to present your product or service.

If you publish the right content, clients are more likely to buy from you because they feel that you know what exactly you are talking about. Now, here are 5 tips on how you can write marketing content that will increase your business value.

  1. Answer queries exactly the way search engine ranking pages want you to.

When people search for products or services, they list down options. Then, they ask questions about their options. If you want to add value to your business, make sure you answer these questions in the best way possible, with references as well. SERPs will most likely prefer your site because you are providing reliable information.

2. Be grammatically correct.

SERPs like Google prefer copywriting that is almost perfect. If your content sounds like it was written using Shift F7, your site might get pushed down because the writing does not make sense. Hire good quality writers or use grammar-checking applications to ensure you have high-quality content.

3. Be unique.

Chances are, someone has already answered the question your business is designed to answer. The key to being better than your competitors is putting a new spin on existing information. Not spinning articles, mind you. What I mean is discussing an existing topic with a new idea, suggestion, or opinion.

4. Be the first to report on important events in your industry.

While news sites get first dibs on press releases, SERPs will prioritize blogs next. If you blog covered something relevant early on, you can get on the first page rather than down the line. The reason is that news articles have their own section on SERPs. If you blog about it, you can go on the results page for sites that are relevant to the news in your industry.

5. Be relevant.

The key to increasing your value is by making everyone talk about you. While it may be tempting to go on a negative campaign to rile the masses, it’s best to use a positive campaign that can positively impact the community. The more helpful, informative, and useful your content is, the more people will share it. Be viral. Be competent. Be relevant.

Now that you know how to improve your marketing content, we hope you can write more unique and useful pieces for your company. Be the trailblazer in your industry by talking about new ideas and maybe even setting a new bar for content for everyone who sells the same products and services.


Lori Jones is a professional writer and a contributor to Resumes.Expert. Lori has a big experience working with CRM platforms, creating content strategies and launching websites for many renowned companies.