5 Reasons Why Drinkware Marketing is Getting Essential for Businesses

Drinkware Marketing

Marketing is one of those core pillars that enable businesses to achieve their desired goals. It is esteemed as the most important part of the company, in fact, that integral element that thrives businesses in the competitive market. 

Today, at the edge of digitalization, many people argue that conventional marketing has lost its meaning. For some people, this statement can be conceivable, but not entirely true. According to marketing pundits, effective conventional marketing is still gold in the industry. It can neither be defeated, nor can be overwhelmed by any other medium, and that’s totally TRUE!

Marketing is an evergreen phenomenon that can be easily molded into any form based on the relevant business model. It has different mediums and sources, all made for particular businesses and strategic models. 

Today, conventional marketing has come out from the old books of flyers and brochures. It has now grown up to much higher extents of promotional products, in which Drinkware is the latest trend. It is a type of marketing that is a low cost yet very effective in business. It allows organizations to brand themselves and reach every section of customers in a short span of time, that too with the utmost ease. Let’s hear some facts about promotional Drinkware in the paragraphs below. It will help us to understand its significance in the real practical market.

The Significance of Drinkware Marketing through Numbers

According to a survey in the US, Drinkware marketing produces healthy branding results as compared to others. It has proven facts that validate its performance in the eyes of customers. Let’s first look at some facts that make Drinkware marketing a real next-gen asset for the companies. 

  1. In the United States, every 8 out of 10 customers have used Drinkware products.
  2. Every 6 out of 10 customers in the US keeps the Drinkware products for up to one or two years. That is indeed a pretty fantastic number.
  3. In the US, more than 85% of the customers in any business are acquired through Drinkware promotional products. That is again a quite encouraging number.
  4. More than 35% of US consumers own a promotional Drinkware bag.
  5. Lastly, only 30% of US consumers give away their Drinkware product when it is not needed.

So, according to the above results, it is pretty evident that Drinkware’s promotional products are proven branding performers in any industry. Hence, their usage is only expected to grow, with more advanced marketing mechanisms. 

Top 5 Reasons That Makes Drinkware Marketing Important

Low-Cost Marketing

The biggest advantage of using Drinkware as your marketing tool is the low-cost you get with these products. You can easily promote your business with any kind of custom water bottle in the market without requiring any huge projection of the budget. It is equally effective and powerful as compared to any other marketing campaign because it can reach thousands of customers within that same low budget. Moreover, it doesn’t require any extra manual effort to project in the market, as it is something that is self-automated and projected in the larger section of its relevant audience. 

Speedy Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is something that relates heavily to customers. If your brand is getting automated recognition within the audience, it means that it has achieved the right pitch. But, unfortunately, that is not the case with every brand or business, they do struggle in it and tends to find ways to get recognition in the market.

Well, Drinkware can be their right marketing savior. It is something that is very common among everyone, so using it to pitch your business or brand can be a good idea. It projects everlasting impression and brand visibility that is barely possible with any other product. 

Bigger Exposure for Business  

Promotional products such as Drinkware creates more eye impressions as compared to any TV or social media advert. The reason is that these types of digital ads run for a particular amount of time, making only a few seconds of an impression among the users. Whereas, products like Drinkware are evergreen and stays viable for a longer period of time. It is just like a printed mug that stays in your kitchen round the clock. Whenever you take a sip of coffee from it, your eyes get stumbled upon its branding logo, making an impression for the business that is more relevant and can last longer.  

An Alternative to Business Card

Business cards are getting outdated these days because of their lower impressions. Instead, promotional products like Drinkware are getting their place and bringing the change in the norms of conventional marketing. Basically, these Drinkware products function better than business cards because of their daily usage. These products help to create a brand impression that is more useful and everlasting, which is why consumers get hooked to them and often get acquired as well. 

Customers Appreciate Being Valued

Drinkware gives you the best option to value your customers on special occasions. These products can build an image for your brand in the eyes of your customers and hence can make everlasting relations with them. It is always advised to show your brand’s loyalty towards your customers, and gifts like Drinkware suits best for that. You can gift printed mugs, custom tumblers and more to your customers on their special occasions. Because doing such things, you remind them that you value their relationships in every good and bad turn of life, just like being in the family.

Final Words

Summarizing up, Drinkware is the perfect marketing material that could do wonders for your brand. They are cost-effective, unique, and trendy as compared to any other product, and does create a lasting impression in the eyes of your customers. They can be branded and styled as the way you want or as your customers like them to be. In short, they are handy as well as equally productive when compared head to head with digital ads and big-budgeted marketing campaigns.