5 Mind-blowing Ideas To Create Instagram Story

Create Instagram Story

Instagram story is a super cute and entertaining feature that took the platform to the next level. It plays an influential integral role in both social media and marketing strategy. Influencers and businesses use Instagram as a tool for brand promotion and driving sales. They are a super fun way to generate brand awareness and boost engagement. Here we have come up with 5 mind-blowing Instagram story ideas that you can implement today. Keep reading to discover the following fresh and quick content ideas. 

1. Brand and Team Introduction:

First of all, start your Instagram story with an introduction. It means to introduce your business to your audience. Showcase your product and service that you offer. Explain about your target market and why your customers love you. It will help your audience to know a bit about you while creating the best impression. An important part is introducing the person behind your brand. People are more likely to purchase the product when they feel free to know you. This strategy will help you to have a personal connection with your audience. It also forms a great reason to pick you up from the crowd.

2. Behind The Scenes and Service Highlights:

Instagram story ideas could not be made any better than ‘behind the scenes’. People naturally love this type of content. It will be exclusive for them to know more about how an average day will look like for you. Some exciting work and sneak peek on new products will help you in brand awareness. Solving the pain points using their service is a more engaging topic one can include in their Instagram story. Think more creatively to show off your product highlights.

3. Polls and Shoutouts:

The unique lovable feature on Instagram stories is poll stickers. It is the best way to ask your audience directly to know what they want from you. The intense approach of polls is to conduct market research to generate user feedback. If you have either worked with some influencer or recognized brand, you can give them a shout out on your Instagram story. They probably love to share your post with their community. It will ultimately improve your reach and engagement. 

4. FAQ and Educational Content:

You are the master of your brand. No one is better than you may know more about your business. Your audience may have some frequent questions to get clarified. Instagram story is a great place to answer all such questions to your followers instantly. People view your stories when they are appealing and engaging. You can also acquire Instagram story views to improve visibility among a wider audience. Shout out is another quick, simple way. You can also educate your audience with tips, tricks, and valuable advice related to your product. 

5. Announce an IGTV Episode:

IGTV is the latest hot topic on Instagram. High-quality, long-form, vertical videos are the advantage of IGTV. Why can you not announce the launch of a new IGTV episode on the Instagram story? This content will be more engaging for your followers to look forward to the new long-form video content. You can simultaneously promote your IGTV content by highlighting it on your Instagram story.  

Many businesses are gaining success with stories on Instagram. According to the report, 95% marketers in the United States are utilizing the stories method. And many businesses across the world are already working with the Instagram stories.

Are you struggling on how to use Instagram stories for your business or brand? Here are the simple story ideas for brands and businesses on Instagram. Let’s move on.

Give Your Audience a Idea Through Sneak Peeks

Did you bring new ideas in your work? Give your audience a tremendous sneak peek through stories on Instagram to bring them more excited on what is coming. 

Advertise The New Things

Bring more sales with stunning stories that showcases the best features of your products and compels sharing among neighbors and friends. 

Tease a Trending Feed Post

Are you going to post something new to your feed on Instagram? Share an attracting teaser in your stories on Instagram for making the audience get updated.

Bring a Regular Series Of Stories

Try to bring a regular series of video contents that you could share to stories on Instagram every week without fail. It’s a great way to bring yourself to create Instagram stories frequently.


Instagram stories are the home for all influencers and businesses to promote their brand. It is the right time to take over the opportunity to stand out using Instagram Stories in your marketing strategies. You can also schedule your stories to stay organized. Implement all the above awesome ideas with no questions to double your engagement and reach.