5 Incredible Hacks to Achieve Thicker and Stronger Hair

We have to admit it. We spend a lot of time and money just trying to make our hair look lustrous, shiny, strong, and thick. We visit hair salons to see our hairstylists, not knowing that we can actually do things they do on our own. But, how?

In an effort to help you achieve thicker and stronger hair without having to do a lot and not spending your hard-earned cash, here are five incredible hacks to use. We swear that they can instantly make your mane look stronger and thicker. Here you go:

Hack #1: Wash your hair properly.

The way you wash your hair actually has an effect on how your hair looks.

One of the common mistakes we do when washing our hair is applying both conditioner and shampoo all over the hair. We usually start from the roots and work our way to the tips.

Actually, we only have to shampoo the roots and condition the tips. Our hair’s natural oils are only released at the scalp, so it’s the only area that needs cleansing. If you condition your scalp, your hair will end up looking greasy and it will appear like it’s lacking volume.

Hack #2: Backcomb like a pro.

Ever heard of backcombing? While it sounds like something that is associated with the ‘80s, it is really a handy trick. In fact, it is one of the easiest hacks you can consider to add volume to your hair.

To backcomb your hair, you have to use a good hair brush that is designed for backcombing. Ideally, you can use a brush with boar bristles and a pintail handle. Once you have one, section your hair into a few small sections. Comb through each section before backcombing. As soon as the section is smooth, start to push your hair back towards the scalp in singular movements. Finally, apply your favorite hairspray to hold it. It’s that easy.

Hack #3: Give your hair a quick and easy blow-dry.

Are you in a rush, but desperately need to add some volume to your tresses? This hack is definitely for you.

Start by blow-drying your hair until it is about 85% dry. After that, tie your hair in a high bun near your forehead. Take note that this style might not look cool, but you will be happy with the results.

Leave it that way for at least 15 minutes. While waiting, do your makeup. Once you take down the bun, you will be surprised at how full and voluminous your hair is.

Hack #4: Get some layers.

If you trust your hairstylist more, then go to the hair salon and ask for layers. Have lots of them. By adding layers, you will create an illusion of movement. You will also add shape to your hair, which in turn, may give more volume.

Hack #5: Use dry shampoo.

If your roots are revealing, then they could make your hair look very thin. But did you know that there are many ways to conceal your roots and create an illusion of thicker hair?

One effective way to do so is to spray dry shampoo. Use it to fill your hairline. To hide your scalp, you may use eyeshadow or other concealer root sprays out in the market.

With these five hacks, you can achieve thicker and stronger hair in an instant. Try them now!