5 Common Kitchen Splashbacks Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Does the sound of home construction mistake bewilder you? It may be because you have already committed one and looking for solutions to fix it.

What can possibly go wrong in the house that is of more concern than anything else? The answer is kitchen maintenance.

While you are using kitchen splashbacks from the UK you still risk of kitchen safety. Wondering how? By committing the mistakes the renovation mistakes you were always afraid of.

But don’t worry every problem comes along with a set of solutions. Now to save your kitchen from the unexpected stain and heat, you need to do more than installing the splashback.

The extra efforts you can put in by avoiding some common mistakes when working with kitchen splashbacks.

Mistake #1: Waving-off the Splashback samples

Always check the product before you buy. The action applies to even those items with the least value. So, how splashbacks are any different?

To be quite fair we cannot check the whole splashback material before installation. But samples can make the assessment process a bit easier.

Every splashback, especially the one made with glass will have a different effect on your kitchen walls. Knowing exactly which kind you need can avoid further renovation.

Without the sample, the illusion will always be like a beautiful Cinderella story which may or may not break after the installation.

Grab the sample piece before its too late and save your kitchen from a disastrous experience.

Mistake #2: Working with the wrong Adhesive

What makes you think you can install the splashback without assistance by yourself? Even if you are able enough, you need or probably should consult an expert once.

According to the reports of Pistonheads, a glass splashback company one customer reported issues with installation. The customer had to deal with the reaction of paint with the adhesive.

The cause of the problem is still under consideration. But it turns out that using adhesive not recommended by the splashback sellers.

No wonder the internet is a good source for seeking tons of solution. But before you rely on those answers get the affirmation with an expert to avoid issues like this.

Mistake #3: Selecting the Texture of splashback

Splashbacks without a doubt affirm to maintain the quality of the kitchen. Covering the rooftop, essential flooring from the stains.

But are we looking only what it does and not how it looks? The splashback textures are very unique, so the designs they are offered in, go nowhere else but the kitchen.

The biggest concern here is to avoid pairing all the sides of the kitchen with the splashback. To be very clear, this approach does not get everything to be in sync instead you end up creating a clumsy look.

The white and cream base flooring can gel up with a dark grout kitchen splashback. It is a great way to add contrasting colours in the kitchen.

Marbles textures are splashy and change their appearance as per the colour of the walls. A sleek modern white background with white marble splashback gives away a groundbreaking look.

Mistake #4: The Game Of Selecting Splashback material

Speaking about materials, the splashbacks should complement the material used in flooring the entire kitchen.

Let’s say the kitchen is a transformed out of wooden material. Now you don’t really use the exact same splashback material, instead, pick travertine stone scaled with designs.

You won’t regret the decision even by a bit in the future. A factor that shouldn’t remain out of your concern is how sustainable is the splashback material?

Is it able to sustain the heat and stains without being damaged? The answer to this should be apt to help you decide whether the material is a match or not. Test and try sustainability by installing a few samples in the kitchen.

Mistake #5: Do not act as a DIY expert

We would recommend you, to not act as a DIY expert unless you really are. It isn’t going to help you renovate the kitchen faster. Instead, you can end up making some bizarre mistakes or even end up hurting yourself.

Measure the space that you can use to fix the splashback. Rushing into the process will only result in bad and de-shaped texture.

In addition to this, not all splashbacks are easy and quick to install. Some textures and patterns require the hard work of an expert. You cannot just rely on Youtube videos and perform the stunt.

Learning from the Mistakes

Mistakes with installing splashbacks may happen even with the assistance of an expert. But ultimately, things can be altered and mistakes can be rectified.

For example, if you have chosen the wrong design next time be sure to get a sample before you affix the splashback.

Now if the glue sticks out, you probably tried to act like an expert. Instead, next time you choose an expert to get the kitchen splashback installed.

All this sums up in creating a look of the kitchen that is entirely different from the house.