5 Best Knee Arthritis Exercise To Improve Joint Pain

Best knee arthritis exercise

Knee arthritis we can say an excruciating knee pain which is definitely unbearable. Millions of people are affected by this type of pain. Knee arthritis can be due to many causes: age, weight gain or loss, repetitive stress injuries, other illnesses, knee replacement, or many more. This illness directly impacts the joint of the knee and reduces the mobility of it.

Mainly there are three types of Arthritis: osteoarthritis, gouty arthritis, rheumatoid. All of these types of arthritis often lead to knee pain. People suffering from these types of illness at the end feel like that exercise is last option they should do.

In a research, it is found that regular exercise can be as effective way in reducing knee arthritis pain.

Benefits of knee exercises are:

To strengthen your knee muscles, it is necessary to do regular exercise. Regular exercising will help you to reduce joint pain and can provide multiple benefits to that people who are affecting with knee pain.

  • Increase the range of mobility and function
  • Provide a healthier cartilage
  • Reduce knee pain
  • Strengthen your knee and improve flexibility

Knee exercise provides specific benefits like mobility, flexibility, stretching, increase the range of motion and improve the quality of joints.

Here, we have added the basic information, now get started with the best exercises. But always remember that warmth is a must before starting any exercise. As you are dealing with such daunting illness arthritis so that jogging is not enough for warm-up you have to try something else. For that follow these steps before doing knee strengthening exercises.

5 Best exercises to do to reduce knee arthritis:

1) Leg Raise Exercise

Simply lie flat on your back on the floor and put your arms at your side. Put your leg straight while tightening your leg muscles process then slowly lift it for several inches. Also, tighten your stomach to push your lower back down and count till 5 and slowly lift your leg down. Repeat this whole process with another leg too. You need to pay extra care after knee replacement while doing this exercise.

Tips: Always follow these steps and do one set four for each leg.

Benefits: This will strengthen your leg muscles starting name with quadriceps.

2) Hamstring Stretching Exercise

Put a mat on the floor and lie down on it then bent your both legs together. Slowly your lift your one side leg and bring your knee towards your chest and slowly straighten your leg. Pull up your straight leg toward your head direction and feel the stretch. Hold this process for few seconds and slowly pull down your same leg back to floor.

Tip: Try this stretch exercise at least 1 time on each leg for fast recovery.

Benefits: This hamstring stretching exercise strengthens and makes flexible your thighs.

3) Leg stretch exercise

Sit on the floor with both straight legs. Keep your back straight and put your hands on either side of your hip. Now, let start bending your one knee until you feel stretched but that should be in a limit. Then hold it for 5 sec in that position and slowly straighten it with carefully.

Tips: Repeat this process at least for 10 times with both legs.

Benefits: This will also make your quadriceps muscles strong.

4) One- Leg Dip

Take a chair and hold it for balance then lift one leg about 12 inches and hold it. Keep in mind that your back should be straight and bend the other leg a little bit also lower your body as you are about to sit on chair. Then wait for five second and straighten your back as it was before.

Tip: Never go for extra sets at first try; always start with one set of four leg for both legs, then slowly you can increase the number of sets according to your comfort zone.

Benefits: Front and back side muscles of thigh will be strengthen more with this exercise.

5) Half – Squats

You can use a chair to keep your body balanced. Then stand and stretch your arms first in front of you. After completing this bend your knees in a half sitting position with comfortable. But remember to keep your back straight with lifted chest. Hold this position at least for 5 sec and then back to stand up slowly.

Tips: Repeat this exercise 10 times in a day for fast recovery.

Benefits: This exercise will make strong muscles on the front and back sides of your thigh also strengthen your gluteus too.

Things You Should Try Before And After Exercise

Always try to put a moist heat pack on your knee for 20 min before you start. Because heat soothes your muscles and bring the blood to the surface also relieves pain and reduces stiffness.

If you are taking pain medications, try to take them before 45 min during your workout.

If your knee seems sore after exercise then you can put an ice pack on that place. This will help you to soothes your knee muscles and relieve the pain.


There is a solution to every problem. You can also get rid of knee arthritis after trying these exercises. What you have to do is just take your medicine on time, eat healthy food, do exercise, and change the lifestyle for fast and better results.