10 Genius Gifts to Give Your Dad For Christmas

A lot of children think that it’s too hard to shop for their dads, and fathers know this too! Our fathers are comparatively old and want to have the things they actually need. And if they want their kids to know what they actually want, they’ll be too casual about it.

With that being said, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful presents you can give your dad this Christmas. So take a look at our choices for the best gift for your Dad.

1. VSSL camp supply kit

Survival Kits Sports & Outdoors VSSL Camp Supplies Mini Outdoor Survival Kit Adventure Kit 4usmarketing.com
Photo by 4US Marketing

If your family like to camp as a form of bonding, this is the perfect camping accessory to give your father. Why do we consider it perfect? This smooth, watertight aluminium tube has all of the gear that your outdoorsy dad would need. The kit includes a 200-lumen LED flood beam flashlight, a present-day first aid kit, a compass, and all the things you need to begin a fire that is cleverly packed into a flexible storage puck.

Not only that, but there is also a wire saw, a razor bladed, fishing gear, sewing gear, tape, and everything else to purify 7.5 litres of water. The supply kit is only around 1 pound, and it’s the ideal gift for a fan of camping or a DIY dad. It’s handy, and you can just stash it in your car, boat or house.

2. Breakfast sandwich maker

Is your father the type of person who views a lack of effort and preparation time for his meal requirement, he’ll get pretty excited with this breakfast sandwich press which you can easily get at Amazon and is known to be morning magic maker! So better add it to your cart! 

3. Sleep aid device 

Dodow Sleep Aid | SleepGadgets.io
Photo by Sleep Gadgets

Although some dads get sleepy as soon as they sit on the sofa, others experience the difficulty to fall and remaining sleeping all through the night. If your father is the latter or maybe he has insomnia, then this handy device will have him thanking you. It’s has a light system and directed breathing exercises to completely relax the body and mind for a have-it-all snooze. 

4. Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Router

Need to speed up your Wi-Fi a little? Then this is the answer! A lot of people are schooling and working from home due to the pandemic, so a strong Wi-Fi connection would be helpful if your dad needs it. This Google Nest Wi-Fi is pretty good since it has great speedy performance, lovely aesthetics and acts also as a Google Assistant smart speaker. In addition, it’s simple to set up, easy to use and easy to depend on. Everyone in the family will surely thank you also, and it’s the best solution overall for upgrading your home network. 

5. Black suede shoes 

Black urban suede leather derby dress shoe | Dress shoes men, Black shoes men, Mens black dress shoes
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Aside from a great choice of men’s designer clothes to give your father, why not try going for black suede shoes? Aside from it’s classy, this Padmore & Barnes Black Suede shoes is definitely hand-stitched for that extra detailing. It also has a crepe sole which offers comfort, together with an original style to provide that amazing finishing look. 

6. Magnetic Tool Wristband 

If dad loves to fix anything in your home, this wristband has durable magnets that are sewn inside and provides effortless access to screws, bolts, and nails as he is accomplishing all those DIY home improvement projects. 

7. Night Sky Father Daughter Print

Want something sweet? Why not take dad back to the day his life was eternally changed with a custom print of this one, it will utilize the location and time of your birth to track down the exact constellation. This might make your father teary, so grab some tissue before you give him this. Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll always be his little girl. 

8. Ascot Slippers 

The Perfect Slippers for Colder Months | Joe's Daily
Photo by Joe’s Daily

Tired dad from work needs something to keep his feet warm and comfy! These slippers will save him from a bad day or stressful day at work. The good thing with this footwear is it’s designed with a rubber sole for the indoors and outdoors, so he can wear them anywhere and he’ll never have to take them off if he has to go out. He might want not to take them off since it’ll be to cosy! 

9. Lifetime High-Performance Cooler

Is dad the one always in-charge for a barbeque night in your backyard? Then he needs a wonderful barbecue companion! This Lifetime High Performance has a 62-quart interior that was recognized as the “best-designed model” in CNET’s list of the best coolers. This great dad gear comes with appealing aesthetics with huge capacity. The cooler has a double lock lid latches, equipped with handles and bottle opener that’s built-in. It’s the cooler you need for beer, camping, hot sauce, and for backyard barbecue necessities! And it’s not that heavy on the pocket, it’s only under $100. It’s the perfect gift!

10. Espresso Maker 

Does a strong coffee in the morning give your father a good mood that lasts throughout the day? It’s time to invest in this tough espresso maker that has a tamping tool, measuring spoon and frothing pitcher. We’re sure he’ll be excited every morning!

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