Checklist to Avoid Costly Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter Plumbing Problems

In winters, the best way to save your pipes is to understand how to prevent them from freezing atmospheric condition. If the pipes freeze, you might have to spend hefty money on its repair and plumbing problems. If the conditions of freezing persist, the pipes might damage forever. 

Insulation of the Pipes within Time

It is necessary to check whether the pipes are well insulated or not. Plumbers can do it rightly with their knowledge and experience. Insulating your pipes make sure the pipes do not face adverse effects due to ice, snow, or frost. Using foam sleeves are a great option to do this. Insulating tapes also work wonders.

Secure or Mend Leaks Immediately

You should keep a check on your pipes regularly. Keep checking faucets, pipes, and other areas timely where leaks could show up possibly. If you avoid leaks and do not let them happen in the pipes, then frosting on the pipes would not happen at all. Experts and experienced plumbers always advise the homeowners to call them as soon as they notice any sign of leaks on the piping system.

Better Use of Water Heater

You should always let your water heater take the lead. Do not just use your shower or other faucets in a hurry back to back. Be sure to use your faucets at least at a difference of 15 minutes. Water heaters do not let your pipes freeze in winter and keeps the water heated. This prevents frosts and ice accumulation.

Make sure you have cleared all the sediment and rust, which might come into your food and your drinking water. If rusting continues, the water heater might become inefficient. Ask your plumber to install a new one in this case.

Do Not Use the Outdoor Hose in winter

For safety, make sure you have disconnected or are not using the outdoor hose at all in winters. Use outdoor hose only in warm weather. During cold weather, the outdoor hose might expand due to the water inside, which might freeze and expand. This can damage your water system and your hose permanently. In turn, your plumbing pipes might freeze, as well.

No Heavy Substance in the Drain

Do not throw the food you waste down the drain. This might clog the drains and outlets, which would create plumbing issues. For this reason, it is not safe to throw any material or food item, which expands, inside the drain and ruin the drainage system, which is an integral part of the water system at your home.

Prevent Clogging the Outside Lines with Water

One of the most important points is to keep your shut off valves completely drained and closed. This would make sure your outside lines and faucets are well maintained. They do not possess any potential threat to your plumbing system, the threat being the freezing of water on them, which might be harmful to your water system and drainage procedure.

Well-Maintained Pump

Be sure about your pump. If the water freezes inside your pump, nothing is as hazardous as that condition. In addition, that might cause major damage if you continue to use the pump to keep struggling with the extreme cold weather. Keeping your pump fit is something you should see to it on a regular basis. If you happen to face issues with your pump, do not delay contacting a plumber. Make sure you take care of maintenance and service.

These tips would ensure you perfect safety in your plumbing system. You no longer have to worry about your water system during winter, if you take care of these tips individually.