Why Reliance Jio is better than other telecom service providers ?


The fight between telecom corporations to supply the most effective internet set up has never been as during this decade. The medium corporations are oftentimes redaction or rolling out new plans to remain alive in this race, however, one company that has not revised its information plans since virtually associate degree year is Jio.

Jio has not revised its plans for nearly since it came into existence. However, there are reasons why it’s still a good alternative to other telecom companies in terms of reliability. If you’re an intense data-user, you’d get annoying after you have bought an upscale 4G internet connection hoping to relish your PUBG on mobile throughout train journeys but sadly the network simply will not upgrade from 2G or 3G most of the time.

Data is very poor in Asian countries. You can’t expect your mobile web to figure in the slightest degree places and this can be the case with virtually every medium company together with Jio. However, there are some areas wherever Jio scores an additional speed over others.
Let’s take a glance at some reasons why jio is a good choice than other telecom companies.

Unlimited Internet Data:

Jio may be known as the initial company to launch unlimited data across the country. alternative corporations might need being doing it before however, it had been solely once the debut of Jio that unlimited information thought came into light-weight. Unlimited information means that you’ll be able to use the internet with FUP limit and even though there is a FUP limit, your data connection can still work on a lowered speed. Not all plans from Airtel, Vodafone or plan provide unlimited data. There. However, Jio offers unlimited information with all of its plans.
 Pure 4G data:

This can be another huge reason to decide on Jio. Currently, Jio is the sole company in an Asian country that gives totally 4G-enabled services. Whereas alternative network providers network varies from space to space. It may be 4G in some areas, 3G in some and even 2G in some regions.
 Jio network plans are cheaper among all:

Jio internet plans begin at as low as Rs 52. For 28 days the jio plans start at an affordable tag of 149 whereas for Vodafone you have to recharge with 458 rupees for one month internet. Airtel also offers a 149 rs plan for a month but this offer is not available across all the telecom circles. In addition, jio’s 149 rs plan is available in all the circles across india.

Large 4G network coverage:

Despite being a new entry in the market of telecom service providers jio has managed to cover 96.7% with its 4G lte coverage. Whereas many other competitor are struggling in providing 3G network in all the areas of India.

Highest Internet speed:

Telecom Regulation Authority of India(TRAI) reports that Jio average internet speed is 22.3Mbps compared to 8Mbps speed of Bharti Airtel.

Wide Range of additional compatible devices:

No dought that jio was first to offer 4G LTE network in India at cheap prices. When Jio started providing LTE network most of the mobile devices were not compatible with this new type of network.Instead of relying on mobile manufacture to offer 4G LTE devices jio launched its own 4G LTE enabled smart phones at relatively cheap prices. Reliance was well familiar with the Indian customer so they also manufactured portable wi-fi devices and named them as Jiofi. By using this Jiofi device anyone can use 4G LTE on their devices without buying a 4G handset.