Why Print Custom Vinyl Stickers?

Vinyl Stickers

This is a question that has a clear and simple answer: vinyl stickers are the ideal solution to surprise everyone and give a special touch to any place, whether in your home or at work, generating striking shapes and colors both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of Printing Custom Stickers on Vinyl

Custom vinyl stickers allow decorations in every corner of your home or business, where walls and furniture are spectacular thanks to their ease of design and cutting.

On a commercial level, Custom vinyl stickers allow you to make present discounts, wrap gifts and products of all kinds, show business hours or competitive advantages of your business, but above all and most importantly, give visibility to your brand since in many Sometimes Custom vinyl stickers are associated with the corporate logo, contact details or your slogan (see example in large telephone brands or in-car companies that indiscriminately use high-quality Custom vinyl stickers at events and stands Promotional.

The Custom vinyl stickers are self-adhesive, which allows their adaptation to different spaces (curves, symmetric corners, stairs …) and are very useful for the signage of public-private spaces and places. This signage, sometimes, has a reinforcement of the corporate image of business and exhibition spaces, which use vinyl stickers not only to give information about their location but to reinforce their image as a company through corporate vinyl stickers.

Vinyl Custom stickers have another competitive advantage, their resistance to adverse weather conditions and their long duration, which will lead you to put it anywhere in your private-public space, in vehicles, in office supplies, in short, in any place.

One of the great advantages of Custom vinyl stickers is their cost per unit since it allows their production both in individual units and in large quantities at a very low cost.

Types of custom vinyl stickers

From MojoSticker we offer you endless Custom stickers on vinyl, such as:

  • Vinyl stickers with white gloss: they are ideal to give an elegant touch to the message of your company or highlight different spaces of your home since they allow the printing of bright colors highlighting the Custom vinyl sticker on the rest of the space where it is placed. Therefore, elegance and liveliness united in the same white gloss sticker.
  • Transparent vinyl stickers: used on glass give a very professional look in shops and businesses of all kinds. Visually very elegant.
  • Vinyl writing stickers: allow the design and printing of logos and slogans easily, maximizing your advertising messages.
  • Cheap custom vinyl stickers in a matte finish, very useful for printing in offices or at home.
  • Transparent vinyl stickers: full-color printing, white areas of logos or slogans appear transparent. In this case, if we are going to put the sticker in transparent vinyl on a transparent background, its colors will soften and in the combination with other colors, the tones tend to disappear.
  • Custom stickers on white vinyl: the inks, being printed on a white background, do not subtract color, making it the most used to print stickers or label shop windows and / or vehicles.
  • Vinyl cutting stickers:   widely used in shop windows and vehicle signage, signage in offices and public centers, decoration and interior design, etc. allowing bright and matt vivid colors.

Types of cutting

When designing our vinyl stickers we must take into account the type of cut to be made by the machine, observing the following types of vinyl sticker cutting:

  • Semi-die cut and in DN A4 sheet. The stickers are supplied semi-rounded according to the shape and size that you indicate in the vector layout, and in DIN A4 sheets. On each DIN-A4 sheet, there will be a certain number of stickers that vary depending on the size of the stickers.
  • Full die cut. The stickers are supplied individually according to the shape and size that you indicate in the vector layout.

Difference between polyester and vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers have a number of advantages over polyester stickers. Here you have a comparative chart.

Polyester stickers Vinyl stickers

PRINTING Laser on Inkjet

MATERIAL 58 μm thick and glossy finish 80 μm thick and matt laminate finish


COST Low in large runs Low in large runs

USES Promotion and distribution point of sale Interior and exterior showcases, furniture, and packaging

What can vinyl stickers do for you? Useful ideas for use

In MojoSticker we offer you different ideas for your vinyl stickers, among which we will highlight:

  • Stickers with photography. Vinyl stickers allow you to use photographs of all types that retain high print quality, so they are a good solution for displaying homes, work equipment, etc.

Wedding stickers. Another of the best selling promotional items are vinyl stickers for weddings, which allow you to send messages of love and give good vibes to those attending the ceremony.

  • Promotional stickers This is its use of par excellence, to promote articles, events and special launches on a large scale.
  • Vinyl stickers for your motorcycle or car. The motor world is another of the great allies of vinyl stickers since many motorcycles and cars are customized with vinyl stickers, giving a spectacular appearance.
  • Custom Popsocket Stickers are a fun and attractive way to promote your business, brand, or event. Made of thick, durable vinyl, our Popsocket stickers are waterproof, scratchproof, won’t fade in the sun, and as original, as you make them! Free worldwide shipping.

So, do not hesitate and trust MojoSticker to print your vinyl stickers for your home or your business and give a quality leap to your promotional campaigns or the decoration of your home, you will not regret it.