When in Dublin: The Most Unforgettable Things to Experience At Night

Going on an Irish trip, Dublin is no doubt on top of every traveller’s itinerary. Aside from its reputation, the city has a special charm that keeps travellers fall in love and revisit its gorgeous streets. From the city’s vibrant culture and poetry to after-hour pubs and affordable hotels, Dublin surely has all the amazing qualities that add to the allure of Ireland’s tourism and historic capital that makes no reason to skip this place on an Irish tour.

Just a fun fact, if you are planning to take a Dublin tour for the first time, you must know by now that Dublin has a great nightlife. This means that some of the best things are done by travellers during the daytime but the most unforgettable ones are often experienced at night. So, read on to unfold endless possibilities and discover the best things to do and the best streets to explore in the city while the sun’s out.

A 2-hour Kayaking Adventure 

The moonlit exploration starts with a splendid kayak adventure under the night sky full of stars in the city’s grand canal. How romantic, especially when you get to experience this escapade with your loved ones. You can avail a 2-hour kayak roundtrip for €28. The tour includes a lifejacket, pre-departure briefing, and certified guides that will introduce you to some landmarks as you comfortably pass by the River Liffey.       

Haunted Night Tours

Sounds creepy but also exciting, especially when you think you’re a sucker for all these eerie stuff because only Dublin can provide an extensive selection of haunted ghost walks and cemetery resurrections. Just be sure you have the bravest heart to handle all the creeps of uncovering the dark mysteries of the city as travel guides take you back through its sordid past in notable places such as ghost Dublin Castle, Bully’s Acre Cemetery, and Kilmainham Gaol. The price for a three-hour haunted tour is €25.   

Night Devotion at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Dublin is known for its many religious structures that will make you a believer. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is open for evening devotion and worship tours. Normally, they accept visitors as late as 7 or 8 in the evening. Your religious spirit and soul will surely be blessed by the cathedral’s harmonious orchestral chorus with a lovely musical note by a reverent. 

A Theatrical Night at Grand Canal Theatre

Theatres would always have a special place in every Irish hearts. If you have a deep fascination with culture, arts, and poetry, Dublin is filled with several theatres that provide a spectacular display of artistic creativity. The Grand Canal Theatre is one great example that is popularly known for its performing arts exhibit that includes award-winning plays, concerts, and musicals. 

A Night Crawl to Local Pubs

A Dublin tour would not be completed without a night crawl to local pubs because the city boasts for its finest after-hour bars. When it comes to local pub experience, drinking is best spent on the rooftop bar of Guinness Storehouse, a famous pub where you can witness the entire city skyline with sparkling lights wherever you turn. Some bars will let you try a long list of craft beer samples. Live music bands usually start at 8 PM so don’t miss them out if you want to make the most of your local pub night crawl.

Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a full-time travel blogger, which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter. She currently writes for Rochestown Dublin, the most inviting lodge hotel and spa in Dublin City.